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  1. I think U of A may be out this year considering bad grades in the past. Oh well.
  2. Also, do you know how other law schools are handling Winter 2020?
  3. OK, helpful, thanks. Do you know how they count PAS/FAL toward GPA?
  4. Anyone know the specifics of how the L2 metric works? Is it just the last 20 credits or the last 2 years literally? Would Spring semesters be included in the last 20 credits? Might have a shot next February if I can keep my grades up and with a good LSAT.
  5. I think Dal and does 4.3. I didn't know how it worked at Ryerson. Thanks.
  6. Noted. I will definitely consider UNB, although if you saw my transcript you would cringe, there's lots of 50's and 60's on there from a point in my life where I would have been satisfied with a business degree. So I'm definitely relying on some of the more holistic schools lol. I'm capable of much better than that but it's going to take some time or luck to "remedy my standing with God and men" as Machiavelli would say.
  7. OK thanks for the help. I'm also thinking about Dalhousie as long as I can keep my grades up, and Sask if I can do a good LSAT as well as applying some other schools on access with a psychiatrist letter due to the fact that I was diagnosed with severe mental illness and this has affected my grades until this past year, where things stabilised abit and I was able to pull off a solid semester and things also going well so far this semester. I have some good academic references and have a knack for interviews so hopefully things will work out, if not I will try again in another year after getting my cGPA up a bit higher and working some EC's in there. But no I'm not set on any particular school; from what I've gathered here any law school in Canada is a major blessing. I hope to someday work as a defense lawyer and mental health advocate in Newfoundland. Sorry for asking a billion questions, but do you know if L2 usually includes summer semesters/last 20 credits or if it means last 2 years literally?
  8. Okay thanks. I have a 3.35 for my best 10 courses, with 10 to go before november, so I could possibly get that up to 3.6-3.8, so Ryerson is probably my best chance. What are some good extracurriculars I could do? I've been scoring various shades of 160 on the LSAT which is good. But debate club is closed due to covid and I'm not doing anything right now other than working at fast food and university. I will need something on there. I have a criminal record from a misspent youth so most volunteering is out.
  9. Anyone know if Ryerson averages LSATs or takes the best one? That's my best shot, I have 6, 80 percent courses so far and 4 high 70's with 10 courses to go before november. Wondering if I should try multiple LSAT's or just wait?? Also, to the OP, I hope you get in!
  10. Okay! Thanks for your help and encouragement!
  11. I understand what you're saying. I figure if I give it my best shot, that's all I can do! I'm glad you believe that I may have a chance! Also, that was part of my question. I wasn't sure if access was simply for minorities or if mental health could be included. Thank you for your response!
  12. Okay, thank you so much for your help
  13. My best 2 years was 3.02, but this endeavor may be a waste of time and I fully understand that I should have dropped out rather than half-ass it for 5 years. But I need to know if discretionary boards would consider high 90's and 100's in full course load on top of a good lsat as enough evidence to admit?
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