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  1. Also got the email today. cGPA 3.35, Lsat 175 (idk about L2/B2) I'm already in at Osgoode and UBC
  2. Filled out part B, not a mature student (I’m in my last year of undergrad right now)
  3. Accepted this morning. GPA: 3.35, LSAT 175 Most likely declining for UBC
  4. Ya, I wouldn’t be surprised if not everyone even gets their first shot by September. Let alone the second shot.
  5. I was right on the edge, just barely above the auto-admit threshold. I think that my personal statement as well as applying early made a difference, since I was accepted back in December.
  6. Rejected earlier today Not super surprised, 3.4, 175 Will be attending UBC 😁
  7. What is with these people and spreadsheets?! As an incoming 0L, I hope our year isn't like this
  8. I think an administrative assistant at an accounting firm would look great on a law school resume. As people have said above, law schools care about your interests and life experiences. If you would rather take the job, irrespective of law school considerations, then you should take it.
  9. I’m feeling this too, it’s hard to know how much of UBC’s placement rate is due to self-selection to remain in Vancouver. I know that it’s always best to go to school where you want to practice, but I’m not sure to what degree I’d be cutting myself off from opportunities in Ontario.
  10. Waitlisted today. (Feb. 10th) 3.35 (per OLSAS) 175 Slightly weaker ECs, applying right out of undergrad. I’ve already been accepted to UBC and uVic, but hoping to keep some Ontario options open! I’m still waiting on Osgoode, UofT, Western, Queens, and Ottawa.
  11. In queue since Jan. 14 175 3.35 (OLSAS) Filled out part B
  12. Wow not sure how I missed that. Mods feel free to combine or remove my post
  13. Hi everyone, I've been accepted to UBC, so I'm currently looking at moving out to Vancouver from Ontario. I'm just looking for some advice on the best way to move your belongings, find housing, (during a pandemic too, lol) and just general experiences. Anyone else who is planning to do so, or has done so in the past, feel free to chime in!
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