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  1. Accepted yesterday! CGPA: 3.67 LSAT: 166
  2. Got accepted a few minutes ago! The data of my file update changed earlier today so I wasn't sure what was going on because it still said "Under Evaluation" but it changed to admitted just now. cpga: 3.67 L2: 3.6X B2: 3.7X LSAT: 158, 166 (January) I'm very excited!
  3. How long after your date change did you get your acceptance? My date just changed and I'm trying really hard to follow easttowest's advice of not reading into anything.
  4. Oh and I'd say don't overthink the strategies that you learn in books/courses, I started overthinking things a lot during my first LSAT so for my second I only did practice tests and learned the patterns that way. The course strategies were helpful at first but after a certain point it was just extra information to keep track of which I felt hindered me a bit. That being said, everyone learns differently so don't take my word as fact, pick whatever works for you.
  5. That October shredder question was brutal... As far as advice goes, I went from a 158 in October (yeah it wasn't just the shredder question that did me in, oops) to a 166 in January so I didn't get to the 170 mark but it was a solid improvement. RC was always an okay section for me, but what I did find is that finding the easy questions was very helpful for me in that section. I'm sure you've heard the advise to skip questions and go back to them a bunch of times but I think for RC it was actually super helpful for me mentally while I was doing the test. I personally found any questions with two passages simple to understand so I was able to wrap those up quickly. Beyond the extra time for the other questions that I got from that, I think it was more important for me because it meant that I didn't feel rushed and like the time limit was looming. Eliminating that rush meant I could focus much more effectively and actually absorb the info for the other questions. A big portion of standardized tests is the mental game and I think that the confidence boost of having a question done is often overlooked. Anyway, I'm a 0L so I can't comment on the school choice issue as others have done but good luck with whatever decision you make!
  6. Thanks! It's okay, I have an acceptance from Windsor that I would likely have taken anyway. I was pretty confident in my stats early on but this is a very competitive year which is making me nervous! I wrote the January LSAT so I'm not totally surprised that they didn't end up requesting it.
  7. yep cpga: 3.67 LSAT: 158, 166. It looks like they didn't actually pull my second LSAT (166)
  8. Mine only took 1 day for it to show up
  9. Accepted yesterday! cGPA: 3.67, L2/B3 is basically the same as the overall GPA as my grades were consistent LSAT: 166 EC's: Not that many, mostly internships and then work after graduating References: Good. One from my thesis advisor in undergrad and one from my current employer.
  10. I found the best way way for me to study after a few months off was to just hammer out a ton of non-timed practice tests for a week without watching any videos or study guides. Forcing myself to figure out the problems with no aids brought the info and strategy back in a super helpful way for me. After that I turned to videos and my books in order to figure out the info that I really couldn't do myself and then do timed tests. Bear in mind I only had two weeks to pull it together so you could extend this timeline quite a bit if you have the time!
  11. I would say do not try to pace yourself and give a specific time for each question. Some questions are harder and take a long time, some are easier and you can whip through them. I find that rigid timing just adds to stress. Do the easy questions first and then go back to the harder ones. That way if you have to guess on some you wont be guessing on ones you easily could have gotten if you'd had a chance.
  12. Thank you very much! I struggle to buy into the tiering system of Ontario schools but I just wanted confirmation. I have no delusions that I will be able to work myself into an in house position at an AI company right out of the gate, just needed reassurance that I would not be closing any doors.
  13. Hi everyone, I am just posting because I am curious about how going to Ottawa U would affect my career in comparison with schools such as Queen's or Osgoode. I know that Ottawa is often considered to be somewhat of a "lower tier" school but I have some really convincing personal reasons that make living in Ottawa more attractive than Kingston or Toronto. Basically I am just wondering if going to Ottawa would actually be harmful for my career long term? If it helps, I am hoping to pursue corporate law with a focus on AI and tech companies. Thanks in advance for any advice!
  14. Hi everyone, Does using my January LSAT score hurt my admission chances? I got a 157 in the fall so I rewrote in January and I got a 166. Will the fact that they didn't have my better score till now cause them to overlook my application? Thanks!
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