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  1. So what do you think happens in my case, where my school didn’t really use A+ — some professors did and some didn’t — but both were the same GPA for my undergrad. So some of my A+ grades are recorded as A’s if I’m making any sense. Would it be wrong to just convert percentage of 4.0 scale to percentage of 4.3 scale? Please let me know if I’m not making any sense. It’s kinda hard to describe.
  2. I think my application is complete but I still haven’t received any indication that they’re reviewing my file. I emailed them yesterday asking whether there were any documents they needed from me to make my app go under review but no word yet (I don’t think I’m missing any but I don’t wanna have a mishap happen where they overlook my file or somethjng. 😕 Fingers crossed for both of us!!
  3. The last time I emailed asking whether I had to do anything for them to receive my new LSAT score (I didn’t) they emailed back and said “We have received your January 2021 LSAT score. We will be recalculating Index Scores for the next few weeks with the inclusion of the January LSAT. Should you be eligible for an early offer, we will notify you immediately.” From that wording it seems to me that these are still early offers and there will be more.
  4. I haven’t heard of people being able to do that. I think if it gets close and you haven’t heard from your other schools the best you can do is pay your deposit to secure your place and then turn down Manitoba later if you get another acceptance you want after that. Only thing is you won’t be able to get your deposit back 😕
  5. Received my first acceptance this morning! I’m so excited. GPA: 3.78/4 (not sure how to convert to 4.5) LSAT: 160 No ties to MB; I’m an American student.
  6. I know bc I emailed them wondering if I had to take any action for them to receive it. But they said they just replied saying that they had received it already. I actually didn’t realize this. 😅 I feel silly haha.
  7. Just kidding! It was in a DAL thread, but it would be the same calculation. So, (GPA (in percent) x 0.6) + (LSAT score (in percent) x 0.4) = index score!
  8. I do know they weigh 60% on your GPA and 40% on your LSAT score. I think I've seen someone who's better at math than me come up with a formula to figure out your "index score" for UNB on this forum.
  9. I stated that I would be taking the January LSAT on my apps and they updated it automatically! I also emailed just to make sure though, hahaha. But they got it much quicker than they retrieved my October score haha.
  10. Someone correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think schools really care if you take the test multiple times (since they take the highest score most of the time anyways). So unless you have like a LOT of retakes I don’t think it’s a big deal.
  11. oooooooo 😅 my b haha. Still congrats though!
  12. Extra Curriculars! Also congrats! 😊 I had never heard them called that either, but I’m a US person so maybe it’s just differently named. Can I ask when you applied?
  13. I can't speak for OLSAS specifically, but I do know that all the schools I applied to (not in ontario tho so maybe this isn't helpful), everything was automatic. They retrieved the score on their own and I didn't have to do anything to send it to them.
  14. I get that. I applied here and two other places and I haven’t heard anything from them yet either. Waiting is the worst. Prob won’t hear anything over the weekend though so try to find something to distract yourself for a couple days!
  15. Wish I knew! lol. From other peoples’ posts, seems like it should be starting around next week or so if it’s anything like their schedule last year. We just have to be patient. I’m sure it isn’t easy to assess while we’re in a pandemic. If it’s anything like other schools, they’re probably doing a hybrid WFH thing, and go into the school once or twice a week.
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