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  1. Yes it would make sense. From previous years it seems as though they work they’re way down the list methodologically.
  2. What was the date of your acceptance if you don't mind my asking. Thanks!
  3. Makes sense. I wonder whether its based on when you entered the wait pool.
  4. Do you know roughly what an 83% would equal on a 4.0 GPA scale?
  5. Looks like someone posted in another thread that they have been waitlisted.
  6. Sorry, that makes sense. Didn't realize that was how it works.
  7. When I provisionally accept, it makes me mark off where I still want to be considered. Like I can provisionally accept C, and then hold my spot at A and B.
  8. Even if I indicate that I still want to be considered at schools A and B? Shoot, didn't know that. Thank you!
  9. LOL I noticed this the day I went into queue, was reading the message so closely for any underlying info.
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