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  1. Waitlisted as well today! Just checked the portal, have not received an email! LSAT: 165 L2: 3.65
  2. It is usually three weeks. So if the last round was on April 9th, my guess would be April 30th!
  3. True! I am trying not to read into it too much. I have already provisionally accepted my offer from TRU which makes not over analyzing the admissions committee a lot easier. I am born and raised in Calgary though and am a little bit older (27) so I have established my life here. That being said, TRU is close to a lot of wineries and the weather is nicer so at least I might have that to look forward to 😂
  4. I submitted mine in October and have a 165 LSAT and a 3.65 L2. I have also heard nothing and am guessing they have reviewed my application at this point, but can't decide if they like me hahaha.
  5. Agreed! I also haven't heard anything and think that this is super bizarre. Not sure whether to take it as a good or bad sign at this point.
  6. Amazing!! Thank you for your help!
  7. Hello all! Can anyone confirm how to pay the acceptance deposit? I went to the 'make a payment' section, selected fall 2021 term, and manually entered the $500 amount. Is this correct? The payment went through, but it makes me nervous since the payment section never asked/ clarified what the money I was paying was for (my account summary is just showing an arbitrary $500 payment if that makes sense). Anyways, if anyone has successfully paid theirs and can offer advice, that would be great! My deadline to accept is tomorrow and I am paranoid that I paid the deposit incorrectly and my seat will be given away hahaha. Thank you!!
  8. Rejected this morning! Not concerned as I have been accepted elsewhere and am not an Ontario resident. LSAT: 165 CGPA: 3.1 L2: 3.65 B20: 3.8 Best of luck to everyone still waiting!!
  9. I am completely speculating but I think they review most/ all of the applications before admitting people off the wait list. I think the apps that they have left to review are people they are unsure whether they will be offering admission right away (potentially after the March 31st acceptance deadline), a spot on the wait list, or a rejection based on if/ when others accept. Does that make any sense? Haha. Snowballing on my completely unproven and uneducated theories, does anyone else feel like more applicants than usual in the accepted thread have been firmly accepting their offers? I am wondering if Calgary was particularly competitive this year due to our especially shitty economic situation. As someone who has been out of school for a little while, I personally know 4 or 5 people applying who definitely would not be if they hadn’t been laid off. Thoughts? 🤔
  10. Still waiting as well! 3.65 L2, 165, 5 years working in finance.
  11. ^^ yikes... lots to unpack here lol. I will just start with the fact that many people are stay at home parents because the lost salary from one partner is less than the cost of full-time child care. I am sure you are not trying to sound offensive, but it might be best to just not comment on the circumstances of others (who we know nothing about) negatively.
  12. I was also accepted last Thursday and have until March 25th to accept! I imagine the others are the same
  13. GUYS I JUST GOT ACCEPTED I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!! I am literally at work and want to take an early lunch and never return ahahahaha. I haven't received an email yet, just logged in and saw it had changed from 'decision pending' to 'seat offered'!!!! So excited as TRU was one of my top choices. Will be accepting unless I get an offer from my hometown. My application just changed to pending decision last week and I have a 165 and an A-. Good luck to everyone waiting, I know this process is extremely stressful.
  14. Thank you! You’re LSAT is super strong, I am sure you will get in somewhere else (if you haven’t already).
  15. That sucks, thank you for posting, I know the rejection ones aren’t fun. Do you mind sharing if the 3.1 was CGPA or L2?
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