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  1. Thank you - that makes sense. I thought the transferability was simple, so I figured if the summer jobs are online, I would apply everywhere. However, your response encourages me to cold call firms outside of the OCI process.
  2. If I land a summer job in one city and they want to hire me for articling, is it possible to negotiate securing that articling job with the firm in a different city the firm operates in? Technically, with OCIs likely being online/remote this year, I wonder if it makes sense to apply to as many cities as possible to increase the chance of landing an OCI. Thank you.
  3. If we are offered a job at a firm through the formal OCI recruit or otherwise, will they be online/remote due to the quarantine or in person? Will we be required to travel at all or should I expect to stay at home the whole summer? Thank you.
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