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  1. Just an FYI for anyone who happens to read this thread in the future that I did end up getting an extention from the schools for my LSAT due to my medical situation. It's still going to be hard/unlikely to get accepted or even considered this late into the admissions cycle but we shall see
  2. Thanks for the advice! Fingers crossed that I still have a chance for Queens/Western but I will definitely keep in mind the unlikelyhood of my getting in this cycle.
  3. Thanks so much for your input I really appreciate it!!! If I do get in to Queens/Western I'll be sure to keep an open mind about my experience theree
  4. Hey does anyone have any general pacing/timing tips for the Logical Reasoning Section of the LSAT? Trying to improve my pacing as I am finding that for some question sets I am making it only to ~ Q 23 and I've heard that many people end up finishing with over 5 minutes to spare so that they can go back to review their answers. Also, does anyone know general timestamps that they find one should stick to for better pacing? For example, at Y mins past start time I should be at question X. Thanks!
  5. @SNAILS Thank you so much for the advice and wishes! I honestly had little idea in applying this year that (as I assume from your comment) Feb LSATs give you a drastically lesser chance of getting into law school. I hope that I can score well on this test next month and save it for the next admissions cycle. Do you know what kind of a chance I may still have for Western and Queens? I also am applying within the Access Category so I hope this will improve my chances.
  6. My cGPA is a 3.58 which is not as great and a reason why I've been unsure I was hoping that my CV and LSAT could help make up for this cGPA
  7. Thank you both for the advice! @navyblue11 That was exactly my thinking as its definitely a very unlikely longshot but no greater loss to me compared to my options now. Ill give it a try! @erinl2 I totally understand what you are saying. Its totally a blunder on my part so I will make sure to just focus on doing well on my LSATs in the hopes of getting into one of the two remaining schools.
  8. Hello Everyone! I understand I was already playing with fire in scheduling my LSAT date so late into the admissions cycle but I was just looking for some advice on this matter. I had applied to three schools this application cycle (in November 2020) for a September 2021 start. Those schools are York (Osgoode Hall), Queens, and Western in order of preference (first - last). Osgoode Hall requires that applicants write by the January 2021 LSAT at the latest but the latter two require that you write by February. In abiding with their requirements I had enrolled in the Jan 2021 LSAT. However, a recent unexpected personal emergency has come up and I have been forced to make a last minute rescheduling to the February LSAT seeing as I would no longer be able to physically sit in for my scheduled test time. Osgoode Hall has been my first choice school that I desperately would like to go to. I'm just trying to figure out what my options might be in this case if anyone can help me out? Two options I am not sure about: 1) Do you know whether their admissions might be receptive to me explaining my reasoning for why I was forced to write the February 2021 LSAT and not a sooner LSAT? (I know this might be a longshot but I want to do anything I can!). 2) I know that one may apply as an upper year JD transfer applicant under certain circumstances. I feel like I have a good shot at getting into Queens and Western (L2 GPA 3.87, a really strong CV, and an expected LSAT of 165ish (hopefully higher)) so, should I get in, would it be better to A) accept offers from these schools with the intent on transferring or B) just waiting until next admissions cycle and reapply to Osgoode? -- Hopefully this isn't the case as I definitely wouldn't want to waste a year. Thanks a lot! Really weird questions I know but I needed some advice on the matter
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