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  1. damn. Sorry about that my dude.
  2. Yeah that's why I'm asking it for. 2 of my 10 classes were cr/ncr'd. I was just wondering if those 8 courses were going to be counted because my b2 would go from a 3.86-3.88 to a 3.49. That's a thicc fucking drop.
  3. Hey I'm having difficulty understanding queens' course load requirements. Queens says that they require an average of 4/5 courses throughout the year for the year to be considered completed under a full course load (and be used for B2 calculations). Does that mean that if I have 5 courses in the fall and 3 in the winter, then that year can be used in by b2? Thank you!
  4. 3.83 is the average for 4th year. Together with my third year and the 2 additional summer courses, my L2/B2 gpa would be a a 3.86-8.88. I also have an lsat of a 162. I'm not aiming for schools like Uoft. I'm more aiming for queens, western, ottawa, and OZ. Western and OZ are my top choices.
  5. But Here's the thing, my overall CGPA is a 3.6. This means that I've had C's and B's in my transcript in first and second year. My first year GPA was a 3.15 and second year was a 3.54. regardless, my L2 GPA is much much better than my first two. Do you still think that one B in L2 is still nothing to worry about?
  6. Hey, I was just wondering how much of an impact will my grades taking a bit of dip in fourth year have on my ability to be admitted? In third year, I took 10 courses (CR/NCR'd 2 of them) and my GPA for the year was a 3.9. In fourth year first semester, I took 5 courses (CR/NCR'd one of them) and my GPA was a 3.95. In second semester of 4th year I took 6 courses. 5 of the courses have grades ranging from an 'A- to an A+' (3 A+, 1 A, 1 A-). However, one course has been really kicking my ass and I'm likely going to get a B+ or a B which brings my GPA for the year to a 3.83 which is quite the drop from a 3.9 in third year. I know law schools care a lot about an upwards trends in the last years. However, my transcript shows an upward trend and then a dip in fourth year. Do you think numbers based schools like Western or Queens might reject me on the basis that my grades dipped in fourth year or is a 3.83 still good? I'm planning on taking 2 courses over the summer to upgrade my L2 GPA for western which could bring it up to around a 3.88.
  7. That's great to hear. Thank you so much for making me feel better
  8. Awesome, thank you so much
  9. Do you know if EC's will hinder my ability to be admitted to queens or western? Or are these schools purely numbers based?
  10. Thank you so much for saying, it has really calmed me down. I've been seeing almost everyone from my year who has applied has either been a president/high-level exec at a club or worked as a journalist for the school newspaper for almost 4 years. Meanwhile, my stupid ass did some very basic/boring stuff and I was worried it would hurt my chances.
  11. I'm Intend to apply to Ontario schools only. My hope is to get into western, queens, or ottawa. Osgoode would be nice but I know that its a bit out of reach. Do you think my EC's will hurt my chances at western, queens, or ottawa?
  12. Hey, I was wondering if my EC's are going to be a disadvantage for me in the upcoming cycle ? My EC's are: - Joined 4 clubs as a member only (no exec positions) - Volunteered a bit at my mother's charity - Worked 2 summer jobs with my dad - Worked for a year after my undergrad - Played some pick-up soccer (not intramural that are organized by the university) - Received a university senate scholarship in my third year for getting a high average My Cgpa is 3.63, l2/b2: 3.88, and my LSAT is a 162. I'm assuming that my personal statement will be decent/average (I plan to talk about living through war and how that made me want to go into law). Will I take a hard hit in the admissions process for having piss-poor EC's?
  13. Hey, I'm planning on applying during the fall. I was just wondering if work and volunteer experience with family count as EC's? At uni, I pretty much joined a few clubs (as a member, not an exec) and played some pick-up soccer. During the summer and outside of uni, I would work with my dad in his office as a "Doctors assistant" and volunteer at my mother's charity. Do these count as EC's or would they be considered nepotism (and thus be best to leave them out of the application)?
  14. What are my chances at Western, Queens, Ottawa, Uoft, Osgoode, Ryerson, Windsor, and Lakehead? I also have weak Ec's and CR/NCR'd 3 courses in my last 2 courses. Do you think those things will negatively impact my chances? If so, by how much? Has anyone gotten accepted in this years cycle with CR/NCR courses in their last 2 years? Thank you
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