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  1. Hmm, that's so strange. I emailed someone from the administration and they said "Grades will be posted by the end of next week (May 14)". Guess we will have to wait and see.
  2. Out of curiosity, what section of OWL are you seeing this under?
  3. Has anyone received their official summer student contract yet/When does that typically happen?
  4. Currently, I have 6 ITCs I plan to accept, and I have been planning on scheduling 5 on day 1, and 1 day 2. However, I also have 2 social events on the evening of day 1 which I am planning to attend (1 formal event, 1 casual conversation/coffee chat session). I am worried that after sitting or 10 hours on Zoom, that I will be a zombie and incapable of socializing with any level of enthusiasm for my two evening socials. Of note, the 2 social events are with my top 2 firms. What are your thoughts? Would it perhaps be better to schedule 4 interviews on day 1, and either put 2 on day 2 or drop an interview, with a goal of leaving myself a bit of a break before the socials?
  5. Has anyone else still heard nothing from Bennett Jones? Particularly at Queen’s/Western.
  6. Yes - they do not do OCI's but the application was via ViLaw. Edit: They may do them at other schools such as UoT, but at least not Western. In our school process survey they indicated that they would send ITCs, but not PFOs.I have yet to hear of anyone hearing anything.
  7. All very helpful and great advice! Thank you.
  8. Has anyone at Western received PFOs from Osler or BJ's? I know that they have sent out some ITCs, but have yet to hear from either.
  9. Hi all, I wanted to start a thread relating to advice for call day which is coming up next week, along with a couple of my own questions. How much does interview time matter given that it is on the first day? For example, would it be permissible to schedule a firm lower on my list in the 8 a.m. slot as a "warm up", or is that a prime spot that would be better used for a high choice? Is there any way to determine which firm is calling you ? Please feel free to suggest any other advice, or elaborate on personal experiences that may prove useful. Thanks.
  10. Yes, ITC from BLG + MT^. Has anyone at UWO/Queens received PFO from Stikeman? I still haven’t heard anything, but saw someone from Osgoode, who had OCI after us, post that they received a PFO.
  11. Has there only been the 1 Davies (Queen's) ITC, or have other from different schools heard?
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