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  1. Alright, I can understand that. I was just concerned that I was completing a degree, whether it be 3/4 years, as I will only be able to gain a maximum of 4 semesters worth of marks due to having previous education, etc. I'll reach out to the schools I'm interested in and see what they say about this situation. But thank you again for the response, it is much appreciated.
  2. Thank you for your replies. So basically I would need to ensure I complete 4 semesters of university studies to ensure requirements are met. Currently I believe the two options I have are going to university A for 3 semesters and university B for 4 semesters. Does it matter if one of them is a 4-year degree and the other a 3-year degree?
  3. Hello, I plan on attending law school in the coming years and I have been familiarizing myself with the requirements and various conditions of admission. I am unsure what the best process is for me as I feel there are a few roadblocks in my way at the moment. I'll briefly showcase my background and ask some generic questions if anyone could help or relate. I currently have a 2-year college diploma and a 3-year advanced college diploma, in marketing and human resources respectively. I am in the process of applying for university as a transfer/mature student, and due to my educational background I will most likely be able to complete a degree program in 2-4 semesters depending on the school. Is this a common background for applicants to have? Will the law schools deter me due to having a degree but only completing 2-4 semesters due to previous credits, etc.? Do I need the degree before completing the LSAT? I would be starting my university program of choice in either May or September depending on the school and availability of the courses. Overall, I would have 2-4 semesters to be able to create a university GPA in order to apply. Any advice, tips, or related cases would be very much appreciated. Thanks.
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