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  1. Ok. That is some very good advice and I am so glad you answered. It is most helpful as any information from any one who has a better understanding of my new career environment. It helps me put a framework on my scopes and bottles the ends in a way. I joined the Paralegal Association of Ontario and they have quite a bit of information to sift through as does the paralegal society of Canada. Career in motion. Thank you. Anyone else feel free to add as more info is good info.
  2. I finished my practicum for for my paralegal program at the in Nov of 2020. I submitted my final info on that and since then I have received very little info from the school as to what to do next, like when do I write my license exam and so forth. I emailed and phone called to little avail. There has been virtually no correspondence. So I had to figure out for myself the fee schedule and prices and exam dates, and study materials etc. I went to the LSO website and to the emond.ca website to find more info. Its just disappointing that the school would just drop me off the earth like that. But maybe that's common. Maybe it more my responsibility now to see this thing thorough like next steps, exam prep, fees and ultimately, getting a job as a paralegal and start living again. Maybe these difficulties or oversights are because of COVID, which could be understandable. I could try to expedite things and try to get myself registered to take the February licensing exam. But whether or not I dropped the ball or the school did on deadlines, I am thinking that it maybe too late to try to study for the exam for Feb and should wait until July anyway. I was wondering how difficult and time consuming is the study prep required for the licensing exam? Could I work full time and do it? Could I be in school full time doing another program? (I am currently enrolled in the schools full time studies in another program, it goes until early April.) Since the school has seemingly gone to sleep, I was wondering if you could tell me about anything else I could or should be doing to advance my career in these early stages. I am not sure if there is a paralegal society of practicing paralegals or something to that effect or a group or organization that might send a monthly news letter. How employable am I as simply a graduate, but not licensed? I hope I don't appear too out to lunch, so I was hoping you could provide some more insight on how to be a more practical, reasonable and responsible paralegal graduate. Any insight you have could be of great value, I am sure. Thank you
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