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  1. Thank you for this very helpful answer, I certainly will be satisfied with a 180!! 🤣
  2. Thank you for the kind words and the advice! At the moment staying home in Windsor would probably be my number one choice but I have not really put much thought into it. I am also open to other Ontario schools like Osgoode, UofT, Ottawa and Western. I read that Windsor takes many different factors into account so I know it is probably difficult to make a suggestion but I appreciate your help nonetheless!
  3. Thanks for the reply! Although this may change in the future, I am pretty open-minded at the moment and am thinking about Osgoode, UofT, Ottawa and Western all as possibilities.
  4. Hello everyone, I am a third year student at the University of Windsor who is hoping to attend law school after the completion of my undergraduate degree. As you can see, this is my first post on the forum and I wanted to first thank everyone for providing a free and easily accessible resource for aspiring law students like me who know little to nothing about the process. With that being said, I hope that this post is not irrational or a waste of anyone's time and am just looking for some genuine advice. 😊 Anyways, I was wondering what type of LSAT score I should be shooting for if I had a good shot at getting into an Ontario law school (Windsor is my first choice but I am pretty much open to anything). I calculated my cumulative GPA on lawapplicants.ca and it came out to a 3.95 (3.96 L2). I am not sure how accurate this site is and I am not well versed with the GPA system so I will add that my percentage average is a 91.6%. I have a decent amount of varied Extra Curriculars but I do not think they are by any means spectacular. I have just completed the Core Curriculum for 7Sage (for anyone who has used 7Sage, what a journey it was with JY) and am just starting to consistently delve into the Practice Tests. Therefore, I do not really know what type of LSAT score I can expect to be working with and I guess I am just looking for some advice as to what type of score I should strive towards. Once again, I apologize if this post is a little bit out there and I appreciate any feedback that I can get from people who are much more knowledgeable about the process than I am. Thank you!!
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