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  1. Thank you thank you guys so much for your advice and support 🥺 that makes me feel reassured ! The waiting game is the worst haha
  2. Reading the thread, I am honestly starting to freak out because I did not receive an email from them yet and I wrote the LSAT. But my score was pretty bad. My GPA is really borderline but I have an amazing personal statement, resume and letters of reference. So to everyone on the thread that are stressed, I hope this makes you feel better, because I am sure your stats are way better than mine ! I am thinking maybe I should start applying elsewhere? Because I only applied to McGill. I just can’t afford to pay for another application right now (COVID ruined everything) . So it will feel great to know if I am already rejected (or not). Do you guys think I should send them an email inquiring an update on my application? Should I wait? Is there even still hope ?😂
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