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  1. Other than Davies what other firms sent out invitations for the second interviews? Especially for Dickinson Wright?
  2. Dickinson, Gowling, Gardiner Roberts PFOs?
  3. McLeish Western anyone? also Bereskin & Parr PFO
  4. FSRA, Paul Weiss, Chaitons, Heer Law, Ridout & Maybee anyone? These are non-OCI firms
  5. Feel like I keep asking this (sorry about that) Berskin & Parr, Gowling, Dickinson Wright anyone?
  6. I've heard that Matthews don't send out ITCs from our career office - only received replies to thank you emails Can't say for other firms but nothing from Gardiner Roberts
  7. Gardiner Roberts, Dickinson Wright anyone?
  8. Hi, so I fucked up my first semester of 2L. Basically have two Cs. Understanding that I stand no chance with the OCI, I was wondering if anyone could help me figure what to do next. I have always wanted to go to bay street but I guess that's a lost hope now. Want to work in business law but ironically, one of the Cs is for the business law course. Just really sad that regardless all the hard work, still ended up with such absurd grade. But yeah, any insights/feedback/etc. would be much appreciated.
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