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  1. How quickly will firms send an ITC after an OCI?
  2. How were the rest of your grades, similar or better than mine? Also is 60 a C- or C? And thank you to everyone who has replied so far, I think I’m just being overly anxious about the recruit and overemphasizing the one grade over everything else I have going for me... hopefully... ahah 🥲
  3. UVIC student here, just got my grades and ended up with a dreaded C+ in legal ethics and professionalism. The rest of my grades are B+/ and an A- in business associations... I’m not sure what I want to hear at this point, I suppose I just want to hear some advice from those who have any experience with this as I approach the 2L recruit for Van and Toronto. I promise I’m not an unscrupulous person.... despite what my grade is for LEaP.. 😕
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