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  1. I think it would be ok to message them. Honestly it's quite far in the admission cycle and its not exactly fair for you miss out on an amazing opportunity only to be rejected 2 months later. I think the admissions office would understand
  2. anyone have any insight into the odds of getting in at this point? accepted forum is filling up and there are over 80 people in the facebook group. Should anyone not accepted yet start to give up hope?
  3. I think it may be a bit more complicated because I finished my application in October, have a 3.82 with no withdrawals and a full schedule, but I still haven't heard back.
  4. I emailed them a while back about something else and they mentioned there are some delays, but did not say to what degree. By this point, I'd assume that a large bulk of offers have been sent out as the second wave starts Thursday. More offers will probably be sent out as first round people decline
  5. Honestly they are just crazy and I don't really understand why. Different reasons every time. Honestly I think they just don't want me to go because then I will be out their control. Don't worry I am going no Contact this summer so they can be sour all they want and watch me kill it as a lawyer. I am just coming from a very different background then 90% of people applying to law school but if I get there at least I know I got there because I fought like hell for it
  6. my Mom threw a plate at my face when I told her and then tried to stab my hand with a fork so it was a little more then 'some resistance'. They are horrified I am not married and pregnant yet so this definitely not some normal family disapproval thing. I am putting myself at great risk by reapply next year but this is what I wont to do and they won't stop me anymore
  7. I mean in terms of application timelines. Like, if I write it in October and applications are due in November will that hurt my application or get deleted if my score isn't sent in before the deadline?
  8. Well, the title says it. I only applied to McGill with a 3.82/4 CGPA and 3.9 L2. Now, come march and still waiting to hear back, I feel pretty stupid. I didn't apply to others because my parents really don't want me to go to law school and they were pretty livid at the suggesting of me applying to other schools since McGill is so cheap. Anyways, I am 22 so that's not an accuse and I should have known better. I am probably going to have to re-apply in the Fall. Thus, how many law schools is an appropriate number to apply to? I'm thinking 3: McGill, Queens, and Ottawa. What is the best time to write the LSAT?
  9. I think probably next week and the week after but that is just a gut feeling. Based on past year forums a lot less seem to go out after March but the forum is a biased source
  10. Same for me. The cegeps might have just done the R-score calculations and automatically resent them. I wouldn't worry about it. edit: Do you think it would be alright if I sent them an email to inquire about this? Just finished checking the forum history and it doesn't seem like this has happened before.
  11. Still waiting to hear back but I do live in Montreal and am a McGill undergrad so maybe I can help out. First off, if you haven't already done a law degree and have been admitted to McGill, then you are in the undergrad law program. There are lots of undergrad residents at McGill and they are a great way to meet people and party. However, I would NOT suggest you go into them with the pandemic. The rules in the residents are very strict and many people I know living in them have been dealing with a lot of mental health issues. Also, some kids violated the rules and they were kicked out without noticed and no where to go for 2 weeks. Thus, I think if you want to come here get your own place as you will have more freedom and less chance of getting covid. It looks like the university will have some in-person stuff next semester, but it is still too early to tell. Apartment shopping in Montreal doesn't really start till April, so I suggest you wait a while before making a decision and see what happens.
  12. yep. I think if you want 40 ish hours a week you should think about working in a rural region rather than a city.
  13. Look into reptiles! they don't need a midday walk and wont get upset if your overwhelmed one week and can't hang out with them. I personally think larger lizards like tegus are as emotionally rewarding as a dog
  14. in pervious years were rejections sent out this early? seems like a lot of rejections and not a lot of acceptances
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