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  1. I have no clue how I got this far in my legal career without using this wonderful resource and all of your collective expertise and goodwill. thanks @Snarky @Diplock @CleanHands and @kurrika -- with any luck, I'll see you at Old City Hall in the coming years ^___^
  2. hello out there, I am a 2L focussed on joining the criminal defence bar. having been burned last year re:summer jobs, I am trying to spread a wider net for this summer--including the Crown Law Office and Crown Attorney Office-Criminal. does anyone have any advice as to what qualities or experiences the Crown looks for? I have experience doing casework in a community legal clinic, working at a civil liberties organization, researching Indigenous interests... most of it was spent critiquing the Crown and broader institutional landscape. do you think this will work against me? thanks for your time, and happy new year!
  3. If you are interested in the criminal side, ask your school's career office if they have a list of questions from previous years' interviews. and if you have a chance, take evidence and criminal procedure courses. good luck!
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