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  1. Thank you very much ... if I'm not accepted to Queens this cycle, he would be part of my motivation for retaking the Lsat and potentially applying to Toronto next cycle
  2. As the title says... Just wondering if students learn under him at all?
  3. What would my chance be at UofT with these: cgpa per olsas:3.6 (bad 1st term of 1st year) L2: 3.83 B3: 3.8 LSAT: 165+, lets say I can pull this off in the next couple of months
  4. Context, this was in one of the first emails they sent me. With account info and stuff.
  5. This may be useful, not sure though. "We expect to begin issuing offers to the strongest applicants through the months of January, February and March, prior to the first round decision deadline of April 1, 2021. More offers are made through the months of May and June until the class is full. A waitlist is then struck and a few offers will be made in July and August."
  6. I guess checking on those who are rejected would be helpful.
  7. For example, of the 2000 applicants that the university of Toronto has, how many actually have the cgpa (85%+) and lsat (high 160s) scores they are looking for? Would anyone know this?
  8. Mind if I ask where you got the 3 other rejections from?
  9. Refused. CGPA: 3.6. B2/L2 3.83. LSAT: 158 Hopefully I can get in else where...
  10. I just got refused from uOttawa, with a 158 lsat, 3.6 cgpa, L2/B2 3.83. Wondering if Queens will do the same since uOttawa is an easier? school to get into.
  11. Don’t know where to go from here. Best of luck to everyone else. Maybe I have a chance at Queens.
  12. Mind if I ask if you applied general or access? @BananaSlug
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