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  1. I think their deadline was march 26th and I definitely saw some people say that they are declining, so I believe the first waitlist round is going to happen soon
  2. It is better to be on the waitlist than to be rejected forsure but ultimately what matters is your position on the waitlist. Also, yes they do reject people too but I don’t know what the lower bound index cutoff is to not be placed on the waitlist
  3. Yes of course! and yeah I think its just a more competitive cycle for reasons beyond speculation to be honest, seems to be the trend at most Canadian law schools so far
  4. Just wanted to throw this in there but a month or two ago I spoke to admissions over email and they said they have an applicant pool of 700, so not significantly more than other years i don’t think but I agree about the longer wait time nonetheless since its no ordinary year
  5. Agreed, also there's just so much to do especially during seasons other than winter. Some really good restaurants in the area as well.
  6. Im not qualified to give you advice as this is my first cycle so please take this with a grain of salt but my index is 75 so I can imagine what it’d be like to be in your position. Personally, I would not deviate much from original plans and would work FT as planned, and IF I don’t get in for this cycle I’d rather take 5 in the fall to improve my GPA if possible because if I DO get in, the summer courses will be a huge waste of time.. ALSO, in the case that you need 6 courses to reach the amount of credits for them to drop more of your worst courses, Id suggest 1 in spring summer and 5 fall if anything
  7. I messaged this person and the GPA was calculated on a 4.3 scale so the index probably is higher than that cutoff
  8. Ahhhh okay, thanks for the reply that’s a relief! 😅
  9. Just noticed a typo, the other schools I applied to required an unofficial* transcript. My bad!
  10. They said they are not using fall 2020 grades at all or just for early admission?
  11. I would check if they require you to upload another unofficial transcript after finishing fall 2020 semester, I'm a UM student already so I'm not too sure but other schools i applied to required an official transcript to be uploaded after Fall 2020. Good luck!
  12. Does anyone know how the U of C converts letter grades from a 4.5 scale? I saw the conversion table on their website for 4.33, percentage, and 9.0 -> 4.0 scale but not 4.5.
  13. What a relief.. Thank you so much I really appreciate it!
  14. Currently a final year student at U of M. I know that the deadline for course completion for Fall semester is December 31st for the grade to be considered in Fall 2021 cycle. Is a course considered completed when the grade is received? In other words, if I still have not received a Fall 2020 semester grade yet for one of my courses, will it not be counted in my AGPA?
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