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  1. Hey I am in a similar boat as well. I emailed Dalihouse university just a few days ago and they said they will look at the higher of the two: cGPA OR L2 years There is no policy in place to choose third or fourth year level courses if you take extra courses, but it is recommended. ALso 162 is amazing for your first try. You should take those extra courses to boost your L2 GPA. I am in a similar boat but i Got a 150 on the LSAT. So i am re taking the LSAT as well as Boosting my L2 GPA Hope this helps!
  2. how accurate is the law school applicant assistant GPA calculator?Anyone ever used it Or can anyone refer a GPA calculator ?
  3. Hello Does osgoode look at second undergrad degrees? Thank you
  4. Hey everyone! I already completed my first undergrad degree but long story short - my cGPA or Last two years GPA is not competitive at all. Does Osgoode look at second degrees? I am thinking of doing a second degree at Athabasca University which is Canada's online university Please let me know! Thanks
  5. thanks for your reply! I really do want to look at this route to boost my GPA. Will PM You
  6. Has anyone on here done a second degree and then applied to law school I've been looking at Canada's online university (Athbasca Uni) \ any advice? My stats are 3.0 cGPA 3.1/3.2 L2 Gpa 150 LSAT (going to rewrite that)
  7. yeah my cGPA is terrible its sitting at a 3.0. My L2 gpa is a 3.1/3.2 right now but Im thinking of taking extra courses to boost that
  8. congrats! did you aplpy in the general category?
  9. Hey guys! I really need advice. my GPA is not at all strong including my cGPA, L2 GPA and B2 GPA. Has anyone on here went back to school as a non degree student and taken extra courses to boost their GPA? Can anyone give advice on this? I really don't want to go back for another degree. But I did check out Athabasca University which is an online Canadian university that offers degrees (but terrible reviews online) Any advice would be appreciated.
  10. Hey so i just want to understand what applying as a mature student really means? What dictates being a mature student? I am currently 24 and am working full time. I graduated from my undergrad in Oct 2019.
  11. gotcha! thank you for the reply! the goal is to upgrade my last two years gpa by taking extra courses as a non degree student my cGPA is really not strong so i just hope they dont look at it
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