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  1. Powerscore Trio 2020 (Logic Games, Reading Comprehension and Logical Reasoning Bibles) Kaplan prep plus 2020/2021 with online component 10 Official LSAT Preptests with comparative reading Good condition, no writing in any of the books and i'll remove all sticky notes Please PM if interested
  2. One thing I did for RC that brought me from a 162 to a 166 (I didn’t change anything else) was writing a one sentence summary for each paragraph. It really helped me synthesize the info and focus because I found the passages kind of boring tbh and it was hard to focus on them. Hope this helps and good luck!
  3. Congratulations!!!! What was your B2?
  4. This happened to me but I had 3 references and the one missing was my non academic reference so it was only Windsor who marked my app as incomplete. As soon as OLSAS has your reference they send it regardless of if it’s marked as late or not. So the schools WILL receive it, I’d suggest you call or email someone from the graduate registrars office for wherever you applied and explain the situation to them. I know for Windsor, as soon as they get your LOR it’ll be referred to admissions regardless of if it’s late, but that’s the only school I can say anything for certain because it’s the only one I had to email since the rest I applied to will accept 2 academic references. Sorry I don’t have any info on Osgoode specifically but hopefully they do the same thing, fingers crossed! Hope this helps!
  5. Yes. trash bag GPA. I had extenuating circumstances during my undergrad that I explained led to my low grades and I have the medical reports and everything for them so they're properly backed up. I also have strong ECs even with the circumstances. I know they don't consider GPA for post grad in CGPA but I did complete a paralegal program with a 3.7 after undergrad so hoping they'll consider that in their overall assessment since they're more holistic. I know it's so late for a "chance me" post but i'm freaking out regardless so may as well lol.
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