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  1. That's an incredible average... Did they give you any sense as to why?
  2. A couple threads below in "rejected 2021"
  3. I've seen plenty of references to the a, a+, 85%+ as a 4.0, however, never in the context of the Law school!
  4. Ooooof, that's quite scary. GPA was calculated via OLSAS or McGill (i.e. 90% is a 4, vs 85% is a 4)? Thanks btw, helping me figure out how much I need to put into these masters apps...
  5. Off, that's scarily close to my stats, how was your French?
  6. Not me! I went all in on McGill - yes I know I'm dumb, But my average seemed to be high enough.
  7. Do you maybe not French? Seems honestly like the only possible reason why someone with this profile would get rejected! Your GPA is .22 above their average/median (can't remember which) for gosh sake!
  8. Hello all, Hearing of admissions while my application remains "awaiting review" has me, as I'm sure a lot of you are, quite stressed! I fall into the "Quebec resident" category by birth, I've heard conflicting opinions on whether that matters, as I'm applying out of Ontario. 3.86 cGPA or about an 87% cumulative average - second year was a bit painful. No LSAT. Reference letters are: one academic from a prof with whom I did a study abroad and an internship, and one from an Ex-Prof and now MP who I've volunteered with for 2 electoral campaigns and on whose EDA board I now sit. Extracurriculars are pretty good I think, I'm on the board of a community cultural association with a multi-million dollar budget, I'm campus club president for a political party, Executive on the model UN club (and can back it up with 15 or so awards from conferences), I run a 25K/year small business on the side and have a couple academic awards in addition to the usual honour rolls. I've also held a couple other campus club executive positions over time. Wrote my app letter half in French half in English - it should be quite good. Here's the kicker though I went all in on Mcgill, they got my only application for this year. What do my chances look like?
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