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  1. so CANs are same as outlines yes? How do you obtain them? is it just you outlining your self or using other people's outlines? I was wondering if you can elaborate on this a bit.
  2. Anything that is repetitive that can be automated, anything that you have to switch in multiple references for cross referencing, basically anything that feels like a time not well spent.
  3. Hi Guys, I am not a law student, but before you boo me out of here, I want to help! I am software engineer really interested in law looking for a passion project to build. Would love to hear any challenges you might have at law school and you might be like "This is 2020, this should be easier to do" For instance, one of my friends studies at UVic and tells me about the overwhelming amount of readings she has to do and she always lacks time to finish her readings... I would love to hear your thoughts, your main challenges, and things you wished existed as law students to make your life less stressful and more fun at law school.
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