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  1. Those are solid stats. Surprised you haven’t heard from at least one of them. I can’t imagine you not getting anything by the end of the cycle. I know that for Osgoode, folks are still in queue in addition to the waitlist
  2. If your ECs are outstanding, like I mean really good, then yeah a 165 might do the job. Otherwise, try scoring even higher. Try to get even 168-170. This year’s drastic spike in competition should fuel future applicants to do considerably better than pre-pandemic cycles.
  3. I applied for the first time this cycle. I got an acceptance from Western. Waitlisted at Osgoode. Hope to get in thou!
  4. If I am not wrong, I am positive that there is an experiential education/co-op component in York's public admin program. Even if you don't do public policy after undergrad, I think gaining that experience will make the ECs/background component of your law school application more outstanding. I was in almost the same exact situation as you in grade 12 but I personally opted for York because I knew from the start that law schools don't care about the institution you attend; they just want the high marks. Now, I am not saying you should do what I do because there are extraneous factors that go into this decision. But If law school is truly your bottom-line goal, than I would suggest York because despite all the good things Uoft may offer, those things are temporary because your ultimate goal is law school. Don't get distracted by the noise. Also, I am not saying York is absolutely easier as it may vary case by case but there is a ton of anecdotal evidence to back that sentiment up.
  5. In previous years, the waitlist decisions seemed to be posted earlier, hence you would have people getting accepted off the waitlist as early as April. However, I imagine that movement from the waitlist won’t happen until mid or late May because of the delay this cycle. I would be surprised if no movement happened at all before June 1 because I expect that the class is not full yet and that some people who reject their offer from queue will open their spot for us folks in the waitlist.
  6. I don’t want to veer off the topic of the thread too much but I just wanted to say this is such a strong pool of candidates so far! Honestly I hope none of you get distraught about this as much I initially did. Hopefully this is just a temporary setback and we all hear good news soon! Perhaps if this was any other cycle, we would’ve likely been admitted already! If others try to justify why you haven’t been admitted by supposing that your ECs aren’t good or you aren’t holistic enough, don’t listen to them too much! That’s what they always say to try to make sense of all of this but the truth is that the world is often chaotic and not everything has to make sense. We just pick up our bearings and move forward! All the best!
  7. I recognize you and I am in the same exact situation as you right now. I’ve provisionally accepted Western but I doubt we won’t get in at Osgoode. The fact that we got waitlisted now and not later is a good thing. Far from over
  8. Yeah I hope it's a good thing that I am amongst the first group of people to get waitlisted? Although it isn't ranked, I imagine if you are amongst the first few to get waitlisted, they see you as priority? I am just trying to make myself feel better at this point 😂
  9. Honestly, it's really hard to tell what's going on, especially this year. It's entirely possible they didn't waitlist you because they are planning to make another wave of acceptances soon and you are a part of that. I imagine they made a waitlist first because they want to have a backup of people to issue the offers to in case some folks from the next wave don't accept.
  10. Waitlisted. Saw the update on OASIS today. cGPA: 3.76 LSAT: 163 Decent ECs, filled out Part B.
  11. Do you think because of the 600+ more apps they got this year, it should be okay to be in queue in May?
  12. April 30th 2019 had a big wave of acceptances. I am praying for something similar. I think I’ll get heart disease if we get another week of inactivity
  13. possibly. I am not part of that group. Would anyone know if 4 courses per semester be frowned upon? I did indicate in my sketch that I worked throughout undergrad. I have multiple 4 course semester throughout
  14. Congrats! God is Great! When did you go in queue?
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