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  1. You have an excellent chance of getting into the lower-tiered Canadian schools if you boost up your L2 undergrad marks, combined with a LSAT score that will likely go up 3-5 points at least, considering 160 is your practice score. Even now, with a 3.1 and 160, you have a chance (albeit not a great chance) at holistic schools like Windsor, and lower tiered schools like TRU, UNB, Saskatchewan etc. Take courses you can do well in in your final 2 years. I took courses like Human Sexuality, History of Rock n Roll etc. to help boost up my GPA. Do some research into the kinds of courses you would do well in, that have evaluations you excel in (maybe papers vs. exams or vice versa). I think you have a good shot.
  2. Hey everyone, I'm hoping to get some feedback from fellow 3Ls currently in search of articles, as well as any other articling students/lawyers who have been through the process before. It's mid February and I'm sitting here with no articling position. I know it isn't time to panic yet, but I wanted to open up a discussion for anyone in the same boat about their plans/thoughts/feelings about the recruit this year. I've got a few questions to start it off: 1) How is everybody's cold emailing/cold calling going? Anyone getting responses? I've sent out apps to every posting through my school's CSO, but no interviews yet. I've got a 79 average, 3 As last semester, good ECs/work experience prior to law school, had a handful of Bay Street OCIs/in firms last year - I know I've got at least a decent application. Anyone else in the same boat? 2) Any advice/insight about what to expect in terms of opportunities coming down the pipeline via CSO? In past years, do many firms still submit job postings for articles this late in the game/into the summer? Or is it mostly networking and knocking doors beyond this point? 3) Lastly, I know that I need to take this upon myself and start networking, cold emailing/calling, and digging something up myself. Assuming I still can't get anything in the summer - what are your thoughts on Ryerson's LPP? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  3. If it helps, I made a similar mistake on my OCI cover letters. I think I missed the word "the" in one of my sentences. It made no difference, it was never mentioned by anyone, and I still got a great number of interviews. I wouldn't worry about it!
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