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  1. How many holistic spots do you think they will be giving out this year? I guess it’s all speculation at this point though.
  2. Now that everyone is receiving waitlist notifications does this mean the holistic's round has already happened/been decided? Or does everyone on the waitlist still have a chance to get in holistically?
  3. Waitlisted.... L2 3.51 and a 163 LSAT
  4. Don't know if anyone here would know the answer to this but its worth a shot. Since I'm not sure if I'll be getting in this year for law I'm looking to take a few classes next year to boost my GPA up and someone mentioned registering as a special student. I don't know much about this (will be meeting with an advisor this week) but if anyone as done something similar to upgrade classes and has any input on this I would greatly appreciate it! 3.5 GPA and 163 LSAT score so maybe theres still a small chance haha.
  5. I'm not sure if this has been discussed or not but doesn't anyone have any idea when the final admission round will be sent out? Or if anyone knows what last year is like. I'm hoping for April the latest, the wait is killing me.
  6. well good luck man haha, hopefully we are both good
  7. What are the chances of me getting in with a 3.51 L2 and a 163 on the LSAT?
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