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  1. Probably not but Calgary is holistic. How are your ECs?
  2. The opposite has been confirmed
  3. To add, I really doubt everyone on the waitlist already is going to receive an offer. So I don't foresee any more waitlist waves
  4. Waitlisted: L2: 3.75 LSAT: 160
  5. Thank you! And they may just not have posted but i'm pretty sure there are people with better stats than me still without an offer
  6. LSAT: 160 L2: 3.75 Worst comes to worst I am happy with my backup school.
  7. 3 different major changes isn't going to look amazing but for 90 credit applications its really on your stats, so focus on doing well.
  8. IIRC Edmonton has more green space. I think the industrial wasteland characterization is unfair but I suppose it depends where you live. If we're comparing the area near the university, considering many will live near it for law, Edmonton wins hands down.
  9. For what its worth, I prefer Edmonton. Politics, river valley, green space, etc.
  10. I hate this province
  11. Since they tend to like Fridays I would say this Friday at the earliest.
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