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  1. Items outstanding (since my LSAT score was pending), but once I cancelled it it became RFR (which wasn't until early December).
  2. Title is self-explanatory. Has anyone heard back yet or know of anyone who has?
  3. Kind of a unique scenario but wondering if anyone has heard back yet whose application was made ready for review past the deadline? I decided in December not to take the LSAT (was registered for Jan) and my file only became RFR in early December. Any advice would be helpful!
  4. What kind of applicant are you (general/mature/CEGEP...)? McGill has always issued acceptances starting late November/early December, namely for general applicants.
  5. I wouldn't stress! I'm RFR and general also, but since quite a few rejections have been going out, no news is good news!
  6. From what I've seen majority of general applicants get their acceptances before March since March is when CEGEP applications are due so March-April is more for CEGEP and Mature acceptances. But, that is purely based on patterns I've seen on this forum from past years. April seems to be when they start issuing waitlist offers (again, all based on what I've seen from this forum in the past).
  7. Yeah I've noticed that too. Although, I am not sure if it has anything to do with it being a competitive year for McGill specifically. I know across the board many law schools have reported an influx of applicants but I don't know if it is the same for McGill, seeing as the french language requirement narrows the eligibility criteria for most applying to ON/other provinces' schools.
  8. Does anyone know when the welcome day for newly admitted applicants is? I know by that day they typically have around 60 (?) students admitted so I was just curious, thanks!
  9. Np! If you're having any issues with it feel free to PM me !
  10. Hey! You have to download a PDF version of your transcript (in black and white) and re-upload it as you did when you first submitted your application. They expect undergrads to be continuously updating their transcripts, so it won't be flagged as late (I confirmed this with the admissions office, and I did it Jan 9th and no issues ) Hope this helps !
  11. Same boat! Only applied to one school, and have yet to hear back. Honestly, this may sound kind of corny, but I've been trying to keep a positive mindset. When I talk to friends and family instead of saying ''If i get in...'' i say ''when I get in...''. Even just writing out your goals as a sort of positive affirmation has worked well for me. Whether or not you believe in manifesting these things is entirely up to you, but I find it much more comforting than just sitting around waiting and doubting my abilities. Best of luck to you all
  12. I agree, so weird to see so many rejections going out this early, and for such accomplished applicants!
  13. Congrats!! Do you mind sharing info on your ECs/LORs? Are you done your undergrad?
  14. Yes, I know they operate on a 4.0 scale. The thing I and @IlMagnifico seem to be wondering is if they go by the 'traditional' scale that OLSAS uses to calculate GPAs for admittance to law schools (where an a A = 3.9) or if they go by their own 4.0 scale (where a A = 4.0) to calculate grades for acceptance to their law school.
  15. Hey all, Question may have already been asked but I can't seem to locate it on the forum. Anyone know if McGill calculates based on their 4.0 scale or use a similar one to OLSAS? I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking that going by their scale, GPA improves significantly since an 'A' is worth 4.0... Any advice (or speculation ) on how this is done is welcome
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