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  1. Have you considered coop? Or trying to reach out to any sort of academic coordinators/career center at your University to see what internships/volunteer options exist for majors in your field? I have quite a few friends with very niche majors who (at a glance) would seem like not many jobs exist for that specific major, but they ended up gaining experience in some pretty cool areas and will most likely get offers to come back full-time when they graduate. If sociology/philosophy is something you're genuinely interested keep going with it, things will work themselves out. However if you're just pursuing that because you think it'll best equip you for law school, it's a risky choice (if you don't end up going to law school, etc.,). Hope this helps!
  2. Rejected just now (checked my portal and it said Refused) - kind of hurts but I knew it was a super competitive cycle so it is what it is ! CGPA : OLSAS scale 3.76, B2 3.86 (still have 1 semester left and likely to increase) LSAT : None ECs: pretty strong IMO (club president, international and public sector work experience, etc.,) Fluent in French (did undergrad in french and english) Best of luck to the rest of you, I will be back in 2022 😎
  3. Thank you for responding! My citizenship is with an EU member country, not the UK, but I would be happy working in the UK or other country in the EU. How did you find the application process when you were applying to the UK schools?
  4. Hey all - Wondering if anyone had some insight into the following - I know that when a Canadian student goes to the UK (for example) to practice law, one of the setbacks is struggling to find work in Canada. I personally have always had an interest in living and working in Europe. I have dual citizenship, and am multilingual, so the work and student visa would not be an issue. I'm still waiting to hear back from a Canadian school, but if I am unsuccessful this cycle I'm wondering if it would even make sense to study in Canada if my end goal is to work in Europe? Does anyone know if the "reverse" is true? (studying in Canada and struggling to find work in Europe?) If anyone knows where I could find information on this I'd really appreciate it!
  5. I think the latter. It's been a big year for applications to all post-undergrad programs (with pretty much every University saying they've seen a big jump in applicants to programs) so they've had to sort through more apps (and reject more people earlier).
  6. Congrats! If you don't mind me asking what was the deadline to accept? I know for earlier admits it is tomorrow so I was just wondering what the timeline was like for those who get in later.
  7. Hi all, Just wanted some insight from any of my fellow RFR's. Does anyone else feel like the "accepted" thread is nowhere near as active as it was in past years? I know that this site is not representative of the entire applicant pool and that not everyone posts on here, but I feel like (and I may be wrong) admissions are backlogged? Also - does anyone know if there is typically a mini "wave" of acceptances after the April 1st deadline to accept for Nov-Feb admits? I know McGill does not do waves but if anyone has noticed or knows of a short burst of acceptances going out after this deadline, please advise! Thanks !
  8. I have no real insight into the actual schools but what interested me is one of your pros for Ottawa being wanting to live in a new city - having lived in/or around both cities, Osgoode 100 % (based on the city alone).
  9. Same here ! I got a couple TA positions starting in January so I immediately updated my CV in January once I started. If anything it helps your application.
  10. I'm a Uni applicant, in my last semester !
  11. Basically going to reiterate what the person above me just said ^ In my opinion, it will all come down to you LORs, PS, ECs and French. Since the median is around a 3.8, they usually advise those with a GPA lower than that to take the LSAT. Holistic approach is in your favour but that's assuming the rest of your application is also very strong. If your other elements are mediocre (especially if your French level doesn't meet their standards) I would say it is unlikely (but this is just based off info I've gathered from their website and this forum). I'm also RFR and no LSAT as of right now, so at least you aren't alone!
  12. I've seen this on their website before applying - however my situation is a bit different. I basically was signed up for January and ended up cancelling my LSAT test date altogether early December, meaning my file was made ready for review once I cancelled it (about a month after applications were due). Still, technically my file was not ready once all other files were being assessed, but I was just trying to see whether or not those who took the LSAT in Jan had heard back as that could be an indicator to when I would (since mine has been RFR since early Dec). Hoping for the best!
  13. Same - not to mention this page has been super dry lately with barely any updates from anyone. I just want to know what's going on!!
  14. Also - RFR is the universal status for everyone until you get accepted, waitlisted or rejected. Meaning even if they look at your application, your status will still be RFR until they update your status.
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