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  1. This is probably a stupid question but im pretty neurotic about things and worry in the back of my mind that i somehow havent correctly accepted my offer. I have firmly accepted my offer on OLSAS and all other options have been marked as no further consideration. Is there any further action needed on my part to ensure I have firmly accepted my offer?
  2. Rejected just now as well. 166 and 2.91. Cannot say im surprised in the slightest, i knew being accepted anywhere was a longshot especially UofT. will now be firmly accepting ryerson
  3. Would anyone suggest registering for Ryerson's virtual welcome day? Is it mandatory/are there any drawbacks to not attending? I am almost certainly accepting my offer and have been told from others in law school that welcome days are a waste of time but I was curious if anyone would say otherwise? thanks!
  4. It was dated Feb 5th, Im not sure when it came though, this morning was the first time I checked OLSAS and RAMSS since Friday
  5. I had a 2.91 and a 166 and have been accepted to 2 schools so far. I was not a mature student but did have medical documentation explaining why my GPA was low in my first to years. I do think a slightly lower GPA could be offset by a higher LSAT so you would have a shot.
  6. Accepted as of Feb 5th!!! On OLSAS as well as on RAMSS. Ryerson was one of my top choices so I will most likely be accepting cGPA: 2.91 B20: 3.5 LSAT: 166 Not many EC's but very social justice oriented! Best of luck to everyone still waiting!
  7. Congrats!! do you/does anyone know if acceptances are sent throughout the day or just one batch in the morning ?
  8. Congratulations!! thats amazing! do you mind me asking what your stats are?
  9. I wrote the October LSAT and began studying in June. I took a prep course with Princeton review and scored a 150 on my first diagnostic and by the end of the course was scoring between around 166-170 each time and ended up getting a 166 on my test. I would 100% take a prep course and if you feel that the LSAT is not one of your strong suits get an early start on that and spend the time between the end of the prep course and your test doing lots and lots of practices. I have the same cGPA as you and have already been accepted to Calgary. With a score in the 165+, you would have a real shot at a bunch of schools (apply widely) I know how discouraging a low gpa can be during this process but focus on raising your LSAT score, you have loads of time and with enough practice can no doubt get it done best of luck!
  10. Does anyone have an idea as to when Ryerson will begin their next round of acceptances? I saw in another thread late Jan/early Feb but was wondering if anyone had heard anything else or if they had already begun
  11. Mine did aswell! I wrote the October LSAT so they had all my info
  12. I was wondering what my chances are looking like for admission this cycle! My cgpa is a 2.91, L2 3.54. I had an upward trajectory in my gpa and had just under a 3.7 in my final year. I also explained my low GPA in my first 2 years due to undiagnosed ADHD and included medical documentation. My personal statement was very social justice focused, I consider writing to be one of my strengths so I would say it was good, but obviously thats pretty subjective :). I didnt have many EC's but I did focus on my involvement in a group that advocates for racial equality within the criminal justice system. I think my interview went well, I was able to answer all the questions and felt confident in my all answers (again, just my opinion, i know this is also highly subjective).
  13. In queue as of Jan 21st! LSAT: 166 cGPA: 2.91 L2: 3.54 ~ ive gotten different calculations recently so not certain but it was an 80% avg. Filled out part B. not expecting an acceptance but it is nice to see some movement
  14. Hi guys, If I accept my offer on March 31 and pay the deposit, would that remove me from further consideration for other schools I have yet to hear back form the same way it would when making a firm acceptance on OLSAS. I dont see why or how it would, but i just wanted to double check
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