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  1. I am not sure exactly how it works but my conclusion from other posts is that the sask connection is used (to some degree) to figure out the likelihood of you staying in Saskatchewan after graduating and practicing in the province. If that is the criteria, then you’re better off than someone like me (an Ontario resident for generations who has never been to Saskatchewan and knows no one there). However, if none of the individuals you mentioned still live in the province, then your connection isn’t as strong as those that can say they have family, friends, relationships ect. currently in the province that would tie them there. This is a very long-winded way of me saying I’d probably place yours in the medium range of connection, depending on the wording/interpretation of the application. I could be off though, so if anyone has a better grasp or other ideas feel free to correct me. Good luck!!!
  2. Update incase anyone was following this, my transcripts were just labeled ‘received’ this evening!
  3. Thanks everyone! I was guessing it was a patience thing but wanted to make sure. For those asking, I have already graduated and didn’t have any option to upload my own unofficial transcripts, which is why I’ve been sending the official ones (hopefully this is correct and not a separate problem I have).
  4. I am just wondering how long it typically took after sending transcripts for them to be marked as received on the applications portal? I know at least one transcript (I have multiple from different schools) has been opened by admissions but that notification was over a week ago and it is still labeled as not received. Just checking to see if this is normal and an effect of being busy, or if there has been some issue with my transcripts/attaching them to my account I should check into? thanks and good luck to everyone!
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