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  1. Thank you so much! This was extremely helpful advice!!
  2. So I just wrote my second midterm of 1L and it was utter garbage. I was honestly really panicking when I started, but I knew there was no time to panic and I just had to write. So I wrote without really thinking, ran out of time, and after I submitted, SO much came to me and I realized basically everything I wrote was incorrect. I disregarded most of the facts from the scenario given, identified the issues wrong, and didn't really justify anything in my analysis. I don't even know what I was thinking! The same thing happened on my first exam. I was just spewing straight garbage thinking I'd come back to it and next thing u know the time was up. A few classmates I talked to said they didn't really find time to be an issue, but I have no idea how!! I think I spent too much time going back and looking at my notes, but I feel like I needed them to aid my memory because I honestly didn't remember anything (as a mix of panic and probably not being as prepared as I should've been). I guess I'm just wondering how you guys manage to complete law school exams without running out of time? Do you know every case like the back of your hand so there's no need to look back at notes? I tried to make an attack outline, but I have such a hard time remembering the facts, issues, and analysis of each case so I end up putting them in and next thing I know my "attack" outline becomes a full blown outline. Was I just not prepared enough? Do you also outline an answer before starting to write? My thoughts were all over the place when I was writing. I also spent a lot of time studying stuff that I was pretty sure wasn't going to be on the exam, but I felt like I needed to know it just in case. Of course, none of it ended up being on the exam. I know it's only my first couple exams of law school, but does it get better? I just don't understand how anyone stays calm enough to actually think through the exam when there's so little time! I'm terrified for my April finals now because of how much they're worth. Please send any tips/experiences my way. Thank you so much in advance!!
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