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  1. When you kind of think about it makes sense - if Law profs from Ryerson law think you can succeed, wouldn't that give the admissions council a positive bias towards you? Then again could be wishful thinking ..
  2. What is the significance of having the undergrad completed at Ryerson?
  3. 3,336 applicants and 290 available spots, is this normal? I keep hearing its a highly competitive cycle but wasn't sure if this is just the reality of applying to certain schools.
  4. Weak numbers I know, however I think I have strong EC's and LOR. Full time work experience at a crown corp in finance, LOR from director of legal innovation zone ( from Ryerson), work experience from there as well, as well as LOR from an Osgoode / Ryerson professor. Worked in a refugee camp in northern Iraq and a first time (I hope) graduate student from my family. From my understanding I feel like id fit right in at Ryerson..
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