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  1. Thanks for the reply! I am applying u of m, I actually emailed them, they basically copy and paste their guidelines and replied me with that.
  2. Hi all, this might be an uncommon question. I am an international student, when I first come to Canada, i was a minor, so host family was required, and even now I don't need host family anymore, me and my host family have been staying pretty close. I thought it was a good idea to put them as my reference because they are the people who know me the best here and able to comment on my strength. Furthermore, in my personal statment i emphasized on my ability to establish strong connections with people around me, so i felt their recommendation would confirms this part of my personal statement. But now i am having second thoughts about this, i felt it might not be perfessional enough. What do you guys think? Thanks for any input
  3. Hello all, any one who applied Robson Hall through IC this ( or in the past) want to share their story or tips? Or give some feedback on the chances of getting in? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Here is my background info: International student came to Canada in 2011 for High school (Grade 12), English is my second language. Struggled first couple years of University, tried to adapt the language and adjust life in Canada and in University Completed 4 years Bsc double major in Biology and Anthropology. Tried to complete a BA Honours in Psychology, but was rushed out of University, because I have to work in order to get my permanent residency in Canada AGPA 3.3 (With 177 credit hours in 5 and half school years, Cs and Ds in the first twos years, mostly As in my last 2 years) LSAT 160 (Oct 2020) Recommendation letters from my volunteer supervisor (Children's hospital, current employer (A medical billing company), and my mentor (not from University, it is someone who knows me really well through my time in Canada and helped me greatly along the way) Stated I want to get into Immigration law because of my personal experience and struggle. Any feedback and input would be greatly appreciate Thanks so much, stay safe and happy holidays!
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