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  1. For what it's worth, I'm currently doing my last year of undergrad at Queen's and the Assistant Dean of the law school was a guest speaker in one of my classes. He answered a few questions about getting into law school and mentioned that it is common for there to be a round of admissions once they get their declines after April 1, so I would expect there's one coming soon.
  2. Hi, thanks for your commentary! As you can probably tell I'm not entirely sure what I want to do with a law degree yet so I'm also hesitant to make decisions based solely on one school's specialty in one area of law over another. I have also been looking into careers in union-side labour law since posting this so that would be another thing to consider. It seems like Osgoode has more course selection in general but I know you're limited in the number of courses you can actually take due to mandatory courses, limited time slots, etc. I also am planning to speak to one of the professors at my school to see what her thoughts are. My gut feeling still says U of T for the reasons I mentioned in my original post (location, safety, nicer campus) but I'm certainly hesitant about it if it's true that the careers office is that unhelpful in finding jobs outside corporate law.
  3. Was just notified by email that I've been accepted! CGPA: 3.86 (also my B3 because I'm in fourth year, not sure what my L2 is) LSAT: 168
  4. Yes, I have. Any particular reason you say that?
  5. Hi! Debating between these two schools and thought I would employ this forum's help. Here are some of the factors I'm considering, in no particular order: 1. I'm leaning towards U of T if only for practical reasons. I'm from the East end (Durham) and will be commuting, and it seems like the downtown core will be easier to get to than North York, but if anyone has reason to believe otherwise let me know. I have also heard unpleasant things about the York campus and I am a woman so safety is something I need to consider. 2. I don't know exactly what I want to do yet but it's (probably) not corporate. As of right now I'm interested in international, human rights, and immigration law, but I'm pretty open minded about it. From skimming through the two schools' course lists, it seems a bit like Osgoode has more courses relating to these arenas but I can't imagine I'd be limited at U of T in any way. 3. I read somewhere that it's a lot harder to get into clinics at U of T than at other schools, and that they prefer to focus on theory over practical experience. I do want to get some hands-on experience and was wondering if anyone could comment on the truth of that statement. 4. Not sure how much weight to put on prestige, but U of T's international reputation makes it a bit hard to think about turning down. 5. The difference between the two tuitions isn't the biggest deal for me, with the only caveat being that I still have the potential to get a scholarship from Osgoode while I am not eligible for Toronto's aid, so once I hear if I've gotten any money that could be a deciding factor. My stats are 3.86/168, anyone know how much Osgoode might be willing to offer? 6. I'm kind of worried about being able to get summer internships and things like that as my CV is currently a bit bare, so if either school offers more support in helping with that, or if school reputation matters at all when landing internships, that would be good to know. I'm sure there are other factors that I've forgotten, but any input would be appreciated!
  6. Yes she uploaded everything the application required, it was an unofficial transcript but it said an official transcript would not be requested until an offer was made (and an offer has not been made).
  7. Posting for my friend without an account: “my application status was ready for review last week, but this week I have outstanding documents: official transcripts and proof of degree completion (which is weird because I'm still in fourth year). I haven’t received any emails from McGill asking for these documents. Does anyone know what this means?”
  8. Got the call on Friday around 11am and received email confirmation at about 8:30 that night. cGPA: 3.86 (also my B3 as I'm a fourth year) LSAT: 168 I wrote the optional essay. Will be deciding between here and Osgoode.
  9. Got an email on Thursday cGPA: 3.86 (this is also my B3 as I am in fourth year) LSAT: 168 I wrote Part B and was put into the queue on November 24th.
  10. Made an account just to ask this :/
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