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  1. To be honest, a little surprised BUT my cGPA & B2 were pretty trash. LSAT: 168 B2: 3.3 cGPA: 3.0
  2. Thanks everyone for your responses. I think I'll start the year without a tablet and gauge how useful it may be within the first few weeks! I will also invest in a dual monitor system & a good textbook stand!
  3. Hey everyone, Just wanted to ask if any one has any input on whether a tablet would come into good use in law school? I found another forum post (can't find it now) where people said a laptop would be much better for law school. I do have a laptop (2015 Mac) and it's aging but I can't really spend to upgrade it knowing that it still works. I was thinking about a tablet because I would have found it very useful in undergrad for all the pdf readings I had to do. What do you all recommend?
  4. I'm also struggling with this. I lived with 5 people in undergrad & that just got so tiring BUT I'm moving to Alberta for school & I'm worried about the mental health effects of living alone and getting lonely (which I became very familiar with during the lockdowns ๐Ÿ™ƒ) when I don't know anyone there. How are the people who want roommates finding them?
  5. Hm, thanks for explaining that @BlockedQuebecois @justayam. I can say that I'm not very familiar with the process so it's nice to have insight from people more familiar with it! I'm not 100% set on Toronto, especially as I warm up to the idea of moving to Alberta and practicing there (Calgary, perhaps?), but if my drive to practice in Toronto is sustained through school, I'll have to work my butt off to be a competitive candidate in that market. I'm sure everyone says that they're going to rock law school before they enter (and of course that can't be true for everyone), but since my only acceptance has been at Alberta and it's likely my only option, I'll have to go in with that hope and intention! ๐Ÿคž I appreciate everyone's feedback!
  6. Great points. So yeah, I also believe that the majority of people who go to U of A probably have more interest in the market in Calgary than in Toronto so that probably is a factor as to why there are fewer U of A grads on Bay St. than, say, Western/Queens grads (just for example). I also want to emphasize that I'm just repeating what was said at the Dean's Welcome. I have no conclusive evidence to support that you can practice anywhere you imagine. At the Dean's Welcome they said something to the effect of "We will get you wherever you want to work" and when asked about Toronto provided those examples. That reassured me, but you're right that two examples are not enough to support that conclusion. I'm still going into U of A with the expectation that it's correct (also because it's the only place I've been accepted to lol) Thanks for the response & those thought-provoking points! I'll continue to do more research.
  7. I was accepted and the last thing I saw on my Launchpad before acceptance was that my application would be reviewed when all the documents were submitted and I also had a red cross beside my final transcript. When I talked to them over the phone, they said they would still be reviewing people who didn't have their final transcript uploaded yet even though the statement says we would be reviewed when our documents were all added! (and I'm a current student) * but I can't speak to OP's worries about having the statement change. Just thought I'd pop in to reassure people responding that it's ok if it says you will be reviewed when all your docs are uploaded!
  8. Hey! It looks like I"ll be attending U of A as well, but, my target practice area is Toronto! In the Dean's Welcome, people asked this question and the faculty (and career services) mentioned that they will get you where you want to practice. They mentioned that in 1L, you pretty much have to work in the province that you attend school, but after that you're free to work wherever you'd like. Career services mentioned that someone in 2L just secured a job on Bay St., and the Vice-Dean also mentioned that he worked on Bay St. after his law school (which also wasn't in Ontario). I was worried that I wouldn't be able to secure a job in Ontario after law school, but they reassured us that we will be able to work wherever we want. I know these examples are for Ontario and not BC, but hope that that reassures you that you will be able to practice wherever you like!
  9. cGPA: 3.0 L2: 3.7 LSAT: 168 Obviously expected a rejection but tossed my hat in the ring anyways
  10. IM SHAKING. I really doubted an acceptance anywhere because of a low cumulative GPA but I just got the notification that Iโ€™ve been accepted! cGPA: 3.0 L2: someone from the forum helped me calculate it and itโ€™s a 3.56 LSAT: 168
  11. Thanks for this! Unfortunately, my issue is about how to calculate courses that started Fall 2019 but ended in Winter 2020. I know winter 2020 grades aren't counted, but unclear about that situation
  12. lol im still not sure how gpa is calculated...having difficulties with that, but suspect my gpa is between 3.36 - 3.7 (big gap) so probably don't have a higher index...ah well anyways ill just keep hoping until i see a rejection ๐Ÿคž
  13. Hmmm....interesting. Do you think that means anyone with higher than their LSAT score is either waitlisted or rejected now?
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