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  1. I didn't get a Dean of Law Scholarship, but for those people who will be reading this for next year or following years, the assistant dean emailed me (I had emailed her to inquire) and told me that the Dean of Law Scholarships are given to students that have GPAs higher than 3.85. There's nothing for me to do about that now, but if that little bit can help someone else in the future, I'll be happy.
  2. Hey y’all. I was wondering if anyone knew whether or not a firm acceptance will have any implications on entrance scholarships? As of now I have provisionally accepted a school but am unsure if making it firm would possibly prevent me from obtaining any big scholarships? Specifically I’m talking about Western but any insight would be helpful. Thanks!
  3. Yes!! I really love the vibes everyone gave off and the supportive environment the school seems to have.
  4. Just got the email saying I was offered admission and that they'd send me an email with the actual letter later on. It's not on SOLUS yet or OLSAS. LSAT 161 cGPA 3.81 L2 3.87 Applied general and I'm currently a Master's student.
  5. I’ve been waiting MONTHS to wrote this post!!! My dream school just accepted me and sent me an email (at 3:14pm) and I'm accepted on the portal too. LSAT 161 cGPA 3.81 L2 3.87 Doing my Master’s right now and have average everything else. I’m literally shaking as I write this because I can’t believe it’s my time finally. I’ve been checking the portal multiple times everyday for months and obviously this website. In January I felt kind of disappointed in my prospects when I saw people with similar stats as mine get in and my patience was running thin thinking it would not happen for me. But let me tell you that it can. Everything happens for the best possible reason and I’m so excited for what’s to come. WESTERN HERE I COME!!!!!!
  6. It's been almost a month since an acceptance has gone out... I looked at previous years threads and way more rounds were given within this timeframe. Am I just overreacting or is this year odd?
  7. Accepted Feb. 2nd via UOzone and OLSAS LSAT:161 (August write) cGPA: 3.81 L2/B2: 3.87 Really happy to have gotten this acceptance! I can't judge my own ECs or LORs because it's all subjective but I think they were decent. 4 Schools down, 2 more to go!
  8. Sorry about that. In the Queue as of December 23rd. And I KNOW it's testing my patience, but we're in trying times and it's a competitive cycle this year.
  9. Just got accepted via email a few minutes ago! LSAT is 161 cGPA is 3.81 Most likely will not be accepting as I'm awaiting an acceptance from Western (idk why it's taking so long ). But good luck to all those waiting to hear back.
  10. For those of you who attend UWindsor (single JD), how much funding were you given upon entrance and how much do you get per year if any? I know this is super subjective but I kind of just want to see what the numbers look like.
  11. I hated it.... totally not cool especially considering it's my top choice and pretty much the only acceptance I want right now. My heart dropped too. My sister was talking to me as I saw the email and you best believe I did not hear a word she was saying.
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