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  1. not over until it’s over. It is likely you will get into Queen’s and Ottawa, and your stats are in line with most of whom were accepted to Osgoode and U of T. Good luck!!
  2. Thank you, I applied in general and wrote the optional essay. My EC's were reasonable, including volunteer work with well known international organizations and charity work internationally.
  3. The two possible scenarios you outlined above are exactly why I created the thread.
  4. Thanks, Mouse6, nice to see there are some level headed people on here. I suppose I would have been better off creating the thread without sharing my stats as it may have helped prevent posts from those whom my stats appear to upset.
  5. Thanks, CleanHands. I am curious about the stats of those not accepted yet as I notice many with strong stats from prior threads appear to have also not yet been accepted in Round 1/Round 2.
  6. I’m curious about the stats of others who are not yet accepted and wondering if there are others who may be in a similar position to me. Not sure why you feel the need to post in the thread just to criticize. However, while we’re on the topic of U of T admissions and LSAT scores, did you apply to U of T and what is your highest LSAT score?
  7. More so curious as to the profiles of those not yet accepted and hoping I’m not the only one not yet accepted with a strong LSAT. I’m surely not the only one who could use a bit of moral support/positive reinforcement at this point in the application process.
  8. Thread for those not yet accepted to share our stats. Hopefully some of us will be accepted in Round 3 mid to late March. LSAT: 175 B3: 3.7
  9. “As per custom, we will update this blog on the day that notifications begin.” edit: round 2 has begun!!
  10. B2: 3.8 LSAT: 175. Accepted today
  11. @hopeful2021 when did you go in queue? Congrats!
  12. @Snickerdoodle when did you go into queue? It seems all Ontario schools are taking longer to issue acceptances.
  13. In queue January 20th LSAT: 175 cGPA: 3.47 B2: 3.8
  14. I’m curious if anyone has gone from in queue to rejected or if all either stay in queue or get accepted. Good luck all!
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