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  1. Yeah I just saw that! Very confusing since they told me today they were still updating and won't be sending out more until at least February. Not sure whats going on.
  2. I just called today and they said that they are so swamped that they will likely not starting sending 2nd round admissions until February or MARCH. Which is awful. Anyway, good luck everyone.
  3. The tumblr is updated, looks like January 28th and 29th are 2nd round days.
  4. My OASIS told me in december that my application was incomplete. I emailed Osgoode, they told me that my transcript was not on OLSAS. However, it was on OLSAS (confirmed both online and by speaking to OLSAS). Finally, Osgoode got back to me to say it was an issue on their part and put me in the queue on the 10th. Now I'm concerned I wont be considered for this round because of their issue. Anyone else have a similar situation?
  5. Accepted Jan 11! cGPA (OLSAS): 3.55 LSAT: 167 Not sure about B2 or L2 Strong EC/work experience, average PS, Good LOR Western is not my top choice but still so stoked to be admitted! Good luck everyone!
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