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  1. 81.50 GPA, 167 LSAT, and I thought I had a strong PS. Recently graduated from UBC, living in Vancouver. Too afraid to call and ask if I'll be waitlisted. I've received other offers but UBC is my #1. Sucks that they don't count our last semester in calculating the GPA. My application was delayed because they had my GPA down as 71.50 without my knowledge until about a month ago.
  2. Not surprised! Rejected today. GPA: 3.55 B3: 3.77 LSAT: 167
  3. Has anyone created a class of 2024 facebook group yet?
  4. Honestly, I really don't know where I want to practice yet. I live in BC now and I think I would like to return, but that doesn't really help with deciding between these two schools.
  5. Haven't seen this one yet. I am interested in business law but not 100% set on it, I have a bachelors of commerce. Leaning toward Dalhousie purely because I have never met a graduate that didnt absolutely love it. Thoughts?
  6. No idea! Every time I have called this cycle they give me a date further and further away. I have acceptances from other schools that need responses by the 31st so I am pretty bummed to say the least.
  7. They corrected it within an hour, but still told me I would have to wait until April for a response. 82 GPA and 167 LSAT.
  8. Hi all, I am posting to hopefully help someone else out. I called UBC today bc i saw a post on this forum saying that they miscalculated their GPA. Turns out they miscalculated mine too, by 12%!!!!!!!! If I hadn't called I would have for sure eventually gotten a rejection letter. Something is up with their system, and if you are still waiting back and you have a high index score, you should call and check. What's more, I go to UBC right now! I am an undergrad there so I didn't have to send transcripts, they just check the student centre for my grades. If they messed mine up, they may have messed yours up too.
  9. UBC since that is where I live and where I studied my undergrad.
  10. Hi all! I've gotten into Dalhousie and Western already and am wondering about a few others. I would say I had pretty strong PS and LOR, and good EC (several co-ops and student exec positions). Still waiting on responses from: - UBC - UVic - U of T - Queen's - Osgoode Would love to know your thoughts! Thanks in advance!
  11. Congrats!! When did you apply?
  12. I feel the same! I'm trying not to get my hopes up because I don't think my application is even competitive enough for this round. But I just keep refreshing the tumblr page to see if they confirm they have started offers. Good luck!
  13. Lol just responded to this thread and then got the email!! LSAT: 167 GPA: 3.55 (OLSAS) Applied Nov 3 so excited!
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