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  1. Just wanted to say another spot is available just declined my offer of admission, decided staying in Alberta is better for now. Good luck to everyone waiting to be accepted!
  2. New program just found out cause I was accepted to U of s but they have it open to any Canadian institution just need letter of permission to get credit for classes- property and an Indigenous law course. Information is on their website U of C is recognizing it. It will be online. Tuition seems high though for two courses so I'm unsure if I'll apply to attend.
  3. Anyone going to attend the U of S summer program for Indigenous students?
  4. Yes today at 2am via email and there was a update on my portal with the letter.
  5. Accepted! Will not be accepting however may take part in the summer Indigenous student program. L2: 3.87 But not sure how they did my GPA LSAT: 151 Lots of ECs and work experience Indigenous applicant
  6. Just gave up my seat so it will go to someone soon! Good luck everyone!
  7. The deposit deadline is April 23rd, notifying if I am accepting deadline is April 15th.
  8. So happy to be accepted to my top choice! Not thrilled to have spent money on two other deposits. L2: ~3.87 LSAT: 151 Lots of ECs, work experience, student awards Indigenous category.
  9. My email took a bit to be received you should get it at some point today if not I'd send an email but you just need to pay deposit through the portal to accept your seat.
  10. Honestly losing hope for UCalgary.. was my top choice but have to decide soon whether to take the jump to UAlberta and stay with it... admissions just told me that they don't disclose for their subcommittees (I'm an Indigenous applicant) and that applicants should hear no later by end of June with offer, waitlist or regrets. Sooo... no clue on timelines especially with so many people being waitlisted already.
  11. Is the deposit for everyone due on the 31st regardless of when you received your acceptance letter?
  12. UCalgary got back to me saying they do not release when their subcommittee meets to review Indigenous applicants. They also said the ILC Summer program is expanding its legal curriculum and they do not know if it will be ready in time for a Summer 2021 program.
  13. I had asked about this they said closer to summer they will be having welcome events etc. They do have the open house that is coming up as well.
  14. Just emailed ucalgary to see if they have a different timeline for Indigenous applicants... I'll update if I find anything out..
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