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  1. I would call the student connect line through U of A registrar today and see what they say. I'm sure you're not the only person but that way they are aware of your situation... just might affect when they get marks as I am assuming another wave of acceptances will happen soon.
  2. Thank you 😊 makes lots of sense figured it was the time of year too.
  3. I know there has been a few questions about housing especially if people have pets... I've been looking for options especially because I also have a 4 year old and don't want to spend $2200 on a 2 bedroom while in school. The advisors on the TRU website said all residence rooms are single occupancy. Looks like alot of places off campus have wait lists... this is a little discouraging as I really want to attend but seems housing options are really limited.
  4. What is it like renting in Kamloops versus living on campus? From what I've seen does not look like there is many options I also have a cat which doesn't work with residence.
  5. Did you reach out or did you just receive the email? Has anyone else got this email?
  6. Was anyone offered an entrance scholarship?
  7. Me too congrats!!!! My first acceptance!
  8. So so so so so happy I am in!!!!!! Seat offered letter grade assigned was an A, LSAT 151... I know not the best but I had accommodations for concussion. Also an Indigenous applicant. Check your student account!!! Also not sure about accepting need to wait to see about other schools.
  9. Eventually they will waive one and just use your transcript that is what they did on my account it took awhile though
  10. You can email the student connect the registrar or there is a chat that is what I did and they fixed things on my account. They prefer you use your ualberta email.
  11. Has anyone had any changes to their status mine has been complete for awhile just wondering what the next status is typically if it goes under review or straight to a decision?
  12. That seems to be the case from someone that emailed admissions.. your application won't be sent to be reviewed until everything is there with letter grade and lsat score. I don't think we will really know until admission offers begin... apparently could be this week?
  13. Mine only changed to being complete, all my documents are received and both references are approved. It has been like this for quite awhile. I haven't emailed trying to patient... but hoping someone maybe has reached out and has an idea of timeline
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