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  1. Accepted - general LSAT: 164 CGPA: 3.72
  2. Accepted - general LSAT: 164 CGPA: 3.72
  3. Accepted 164 LSAT 86% GPA (not sure what it is with drops) General category - applied January
  4. Thank you, thats very helpful! Do law students often live on campus, or is it more in the surrounding areas (Kits, Dunbar, etc.)
  5. from your experience, what seems like a reasonable commute time? i'll probably be commuting 25-40 mins each way if i don't look for a place closer to campus
  6. good points, i agree that it doesn't seem like the addition of personal statements into admissions factor has translated to diversity in entrance scores. wonder if that will change in the coming years as ad com gets used to actually scoring/weighing the personal statements
  7. under evaluation since mid-december - 3.72 OLSAS CGPA and 164 LSAT
  8. totally, they were also told they would be pretty high on the waitlist, so i think it's just a matter of time for them
  9. personal statements are just so subjective, it really depends on the adcom who reads it. it could be true that those with exceptionally high stats also had excellent personal statements, thus making it even more competitive (not to say your personal statement wasn't great, i'm just guessing maybe thats why the 1/3 personal statement weighing is not having the effect that some anticipated?)
  10. on another thread someone over the auto admit index was told they would be waitlisted
  11. wow i'm shocked you didn't get in automatically as your above the auto-admit threshold. did you write the january 2021 lsat?
  12. I just checked today, but it was sent 03/19
  13. Accepted OLSAS CGPA: 3.72 LSAT: 164
  14. thank you! i hope you hear back ASAP!
  15. mee OLSAS CGPA: 3.72 LSAT: 164
  16. Accepted LSAT: 164 GPA: Around 3.85 No Sask connection - will be declining
  17. Just got the email GPA: 86% or A LSAT: 164
  18. accepted today LSAT: 164 GPA: 86% L2: should be around 3.8-3.85
  19. accepted 02/17 LSAT: 164 GPA: 86% L2: around 4-4.1/4.3 went under evaluation end of january
  20. accepted 02/17 GPA: 86% L2: around 3.8-3.85 LSAT: 164
  21. 3.72/164 and have been under evaluation since mid December (currently in last semester of undergrad)
  22. Accepted today CGPA: 3.72 LSAT: 164 In queue as of Dec. 17, applied Nov. 1 Filled out part B - general category
  23. i believe pretty accurate - i had basically the same stats as you but november lsat (86, 164) and heard back quickly
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