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  1. Just got the email GPA: 86% or A LSAT: 164
  2. accepted today LSAT: 164 GPA: 86% L2: should be around 3.8-3.85
  3. accepted 02/17 LSAT: 164 GPA: 86% L2: around 4-4.1/4.3 went under evaluation end of january
  4. accepted 02/17 GPA: 86% L2: around 3.8-3.85 LSAT: 164
  5. 3.72/164 and have been under evaluation since mid December (currently in last semester of undergrad)
  6. Accepted today CGPA: 3.72 LSAT: 164 In queue as of Dec. 17, applied Nov. 1 Filled out part B - general category
  7. i believe pretty accurate - i had basically the same stats as you but november lsat (86, 164) and heard back quickly
  8. thats so strange - i called them like right after winter break (current UBC student) and they were able to access right away
  9. You can check last year's Waitlisted thread for a better idea - there is some movement and people get offers all the way until the end of summer
  10. Accepted by email APGA around 4.2/4.5 with drops LSAT 164 Will be declining. Good luck everyone!
  11. Accepted today! GPA: around 86% LSAT: 164 applied nov. 30 - general category
  12. i had the same thing. i emailed them and they said they dont request transcripts until ur app is complete. im still in school and i just sent over my transcript, once they receive that then they will request lsat scores
  13. ya they didnt give any info at all - an explanation of the statuses would be nice
  14. i had the same thing and emailed and all they told me was we are processing everything as quickly as we can please be patient
  15. do we send in another official transcript if we completed courses in dec 2020 thanks!
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