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  1. What law school is accepting the March LSAT? I have not seen that mentioned anywhere on the forum and it might be helpful information for others.
  2. erinl2

    Accepted 2019

    Please keep the extraneous discussion to PM or another thread. We have had to delete some posts. Let's at least try to keep these threads useful for future applicants. Thank you.
  3. erinl2

    No News = Good News?

    Most schools have not even started their waitlists yet.
  4. erinl2

    Accepted 2019 - Windsor Dual JD

    A reminder to please read the red banner message at the top of the page. Several posts have been deleted. Thank you.
  5. erinl2

    Accepted to Osgoode 2019

    Another reminder to read the red banner at the top of the page. Take the questions and extraneous discussion to PM or another thread. Thanks.
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    Accepted Fall 2019

    A reminder to read the red banner at the top of the page and limit the discussion as requested. Thank you.
  7. erinl2

    Law school attire

    Just make sure that it fits well. Lawyers will know that you're a student, but it isn't pretentious to expect a suit to fit well.
  8. erinl2

    Changing Articling

    To the OP: please read diplock's post. Those of you advocating that the OP 'be selfish' and 'jump ship' should also read it. There is a way to do this, if it is absolutely necessary, but, as diplock said, there are not only rights, but also obligations here.
  9. erinl2

    In need of advice. To be or not to be?

    That isn't what you said earlier. Your friends experience is not that of most lawyers I know. Let's not exaggerate here. Most lawyers take their allotted vacation time. It's true that, for some, there may be occasional calls or emails from the office while on vacation but it certainly isn't overwhelming to the extent that it ruins your vacation. I've been practicing for several years and have always been able to take all of my vacation, with very limited interruptions while I'm away.
  10. erinl2

    In need of advice. To be or not to be?

    Not commenting on what the OP should or should not do, but just wanted to comment that 4 weeks paid vacation isn't unusual in law. I got that in my first year of practice.
  11. erinl2

    Burnout in the profession

    I know hundreds of lawyers in many different types of practice/employment situations. I don't know even one who would have the type of problem that @happydude describes, as "If I were out of town when my firm needed something urgently, that wouldn't go over well." This is not common and is not something that law students and prospectives should be expecting in their futures.
  12. erinl2

    When Do Rejections Go Out 2019?

    You can check the individual school forums for Rejected threads in previous cycles to get an idea. No one here will know exactly when it will happen this time around. Closing this before it gets further off track.
  13. erinl2

    Clerkships 2019

    No. I know that some interview offers have gone out. These can be ongoing for the next couple of months. There are always some justices who are more on top of it than others.
  14. erinl2

    Ask a 1L - USask Edition

    If you don't supply a transcript until June, how are they going to evaluate your application? The answer is they aren't. Final transcripts may have to be in by June but that is going to be for students who are already accepted or who have applied and submitted an earlier transcript. If you are applying now, arrange for your transcript to be sent ASAP. Acceptances have been going out now for over a month. Waitlists are typically formed in May.
  15. I would imagine that if the posting was for a GC position that it would specify that, no?
  16. erinl2

    Chances 3.72 OLSAS GPA, 151 LSAT.

    If someone wants to know their chances, please start another thread. This one is over a year old and represents the OP's stats. The OP hasn't logged in for several months.
  17. It's possible that there's a reason you aren't getting responses. I don't know about others but I've never heard of an 'in-house position in a law firm'.
  18. erinl2

    Value of an entrance scholarship on resume

    List the scholarship, not the amount. Your law school grades are going to be the primary factor but many employers will also request your undergrad transcript. It's unlikely to be a game changer but it's always a good idea to provide valuable information to potential employers.
  19. erinl2

    Clerkships 2019

    It's always a good idea to be in touch with the current clerks, especially if they are grads of your law school. Clerks are often very involved in the interview/hiring process. You'd be surprised how many applicants never do this.
  20. erinl2

    Next Round of Acceptances?

    Check the Admitted threads in the individual school forums. Lots of acceptances at many schools in the last few days/week.
  21. erinl2

    Working While Studying for the Bar

    I don't personally know anyone who worked while prepping for the bar exams. You'll have six weeks to read ~2000 pages of dense materials. If you're in a group that is sharing the making of an index, you'll have your share to do, too. Although it's been several years ago now, most people I know treated those six weeks as pretty much a full-time job. I wouldn't recommend working in those weeks.
  22. erinl2

    JD vs McGill LLB

    The general public doesn't know what a JD is either. This isn't something to worry about. It's the same degree.
  23. erinl2

    F1 score

    This is an automated response to a topic that appears to be requesting legal advice. Please refer to the following post regarding such requests:
  24. There are a lot of condo buildings on Bay, south of Charles, that have rentals available that are nice. It's an easy walk to campus and the amenities are good. Depends, as always, on your budget, but all in all, it's a good location.
  25. erinl2

    Political View Biases at Universities

    That surprises me. Not knowing the timing of his/her time at U of T, that certainly was not my experience as a student there. As was mentioned earlier by several members, all of whom, I believe, are practicing lawyers, this isn't something that should influence your decision as to which school to attend. There are many factors that might be worthwhile considering before making your decision but this shouldn't be one of them. I'm curious if someone who is worried/concerned about this, also did so about the undergrad institution they attended? What is the issue? I'm genuinely curious. When you are practicing, are you thinking that you will never be around individuals who have different political leanings?