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  1. erinl2

    Any French Interviews yet?

    That's correct. The person who started the thread here started it so people could post when they received an acceptance. This individual wasn't aware that that isn't how we do it here. An honest mistake. The person on reddit was clearly lying, and it appears that she has now deleted her posts, after being challenged. A good example of why we have an edit limit of an hour here on ls.ca.
  2. erinl2

    Accepted to Ottawa 2019

    A reminder to please read the red banner at the top of the page. These threads are not the place for further questions and discussion. We have had to hide posts. Please keep these threads helpful to those in future cycles.
  3. erinl2

    How is L2 Calculated

    It may vary school to school. I know that some schools, if they have to go back to a previous semester or year, will include all courses in that semester or year. They will not pick and choose, either the higher or lower courses.
  4. @KOMODO I've sent you a PM.
  5. In my experience, it isn't as uncommon as the OP's experience has been for men to take parental leave, and yes, it's parental leave, not maternity leave. Most of my experience has been in Ottawa but I also have male friends at large firms in Toronto who have taken it. In my own experience, my husband and I have shared it, each taking six months, and we also had an 8 week overlap where we were both off together, with accumulated vacation time. Both of our firms 'topped up' our EI for the entire time, and to the same extent, and each would have for 12 months, not four. Several of our friends have taken a similar approach, and honestly, I don't know any of our male friends who have taken fewer than 3 months off.
  6. erinl2


    Last cycle, the first reported U of A offer was December 15th. Patience. Nothing reported from Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Windsor or Queen's either.
  7. erinl2

    U of T grading

    I think that the OP has received probably more opinions than she likely needs so that's it for this thread.
  8. Bumping this up and I hope that everyone reads it. In the past couple of days, we've had three members here who registered new usernames so that they could divest themselves of posts made while they were applicants. Now that they have been accepted to law school, they want to start over again. Well, that isn't possible. If everyone created a new account once in law school, that dilutes the usefulness of the forum and it creates a ton more work for the mod team. Don't do it! Having only one account is one of the very few rules we have here. Be mindful of what you post. Posts are forever. Thanks!
  9. erinl2

    Should I use all my savings for 1L?

    Another reminder that more than one account isn't allowed. Once you get into law school, you cannot set up another account to then continue participating here with no ties to previous posts. Please don't do that. If you need an alt account for a single question, you need to let the mod team know prior to doing so. Thanks.
  10. A quick, and easy, search for last cycle's Accepted thread shows that the first reported offer here was on December 21st.
  11. Occasionally, we do close something temporarily and we also frequently splice a tangential discussion into a new thread. More often, a topic has run its course, and that is when it devolves into unhelpful arguing. In the discussion you linked, after five pages, it was going off-track and most of those involved in the discussion were not U of T students or grads, who might be able to provide a realistic view of the current situation there. Sometimes threads get to the point where they require too much moderation with the arguments going round and round, from just a few members. If the discussion has provided enough information relevant to the OP's question, it's best that the thread be closed. It's rare that a thread is closed early in a discussion. We have to use our judgment as to whether something should continue or not, the benefits vs. the amount of added work to the mod team. We don't always get it right but we try our best!
  12. @Ryn Did you have Rory as a prof? He's a smart guy and was a classmate of mine at U of T.
  13. I don't know if it is still the case but back when I applied, Osgoode had excellent merit-based scholarships available, something that U of T did not.
  14. erinl2

    Getting a bad grade in Fall 2018

    I think that's obvious. The discussion has morphed from the OP's anxiety over a slight drop in grades, into one that is more broad.
  15. erinl2

    Timing for Queens Acceptances

    I have changed the title of this thread so that people aren't confused and think that this is an Accepted thread (which shouldn't be started until someone actually receives an offer.)