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  1. erinl2

    Good Problem to have... but looking for honest opinion

    Just an FYI for whomever may be reading this, more than one account isn't allowed. If you have a reason for setting up a throwaway, it should be cleared with the mod team first. We can't be having every student who goes through the OCI process having duplicate accounts. To the OP: you can continue this thread with the new account but for this thread only. Once you receive answers to your questions, the second account will be suspended.
  2. I'm surprised that if your husband works at a large firm that they don't have a parental leave policy. That is unusual these days. A few days off? That's insane. Both my firm and my husband's offer a full year, and his encourages their lawyer dads to take it. We are actually sharing the time off, six months each, with an addition six weeks of overlap, from accumulated vacation time. I should also say that both firms top up E.I. benefits so that we are living on fairly close to our usual full salary. I agree with the comment that more men should take advantage of this opportunity so that it becomes the norm, rather than the exception. Initially, because of the timing of the baby's arrival, my husband took a month over a holiday period, paid vacation time that he had saved.
  3. erinl2

    September snow!

    A friend and colleague sent me a picture this morning of the snow outside his house. We have a running, and humorous, back and forth every year about our cities' respective weather. For those of you who have never experienced September snow before, enjoy! As much as people complain about the Ottawa weather, in the seven years I've been here we have never had snow this early. Knock on wood. ;)
  4. No Ontario law school includes grades from a master's in their gpa assessment. It will simply be a soft factor.
  5. erinl2


    That isn't something that the vast majority of law students would do while in law school, so I wouldn't worry about it.
  6. erinl2


    Again, that isn't going to happen with any law school course. I think that if a law school admissions person told you that, either they misunderstood you or you misunderstood them. I can't think of any situation where that would happen with any law school course. Are you talking about law school courses or courses at the university at large? I know that some law schools allow their students to take courses in other faculties than law (which, by the way, I think is strange).
  7. erinl2


    What? Are you saying that for a law school course you'd need to have a high school prerequisite? No, that isn't going to happen.
  8. You will be able to study, and eventually practice in, any particular area of the law while attending any Ontario law school. You can see the courses offered at any law school by looking at the individual law websites.
  9. erinl2


    I've never heard of any law school requiring a high school transcript from an applicant.
  10. Those of you who are only interested in commenting with snark need to dial it back, or this thread may be history, even if typewriters are not.
  11. erinl2

    Advice About My Beard

    As long as your beard is neat and trimmed, it shouldn't be a problem. There are lawyers in every area of practice who have beards. It isn't that unusual.
  12. erinl2

    Adcom/Admissions Updates

    Well, 2009 is a long time ago. In recent years, I don't recall them doing this.
  13. erinl2

    Adcom/Admissions Updates

    That's strange that they would indicate refused on their system. I don't recall that ever happening before for those on the waitlist. Typically, schools don't contact everyone left on a waitlist at this point. It might be worth confirming with U Ottawa but for those who didn't get in, take a couple of days to be upset/angry, and then think seriously about what you need to do to make yourself more competitive in the next cycle. The first thing you should do is to ask for feedback on this year's app and where you can improve. Once you know that, set about doing whatever is necessary if you are interested in reapplying. Simply reapplying with the same package as this cycle isn't likely to bring a different result. Keep your chin up and best of luck to all of you!
  14. erinl2

    Chances? 3.29/4.33 LSAT: 156

    When deals involve cross-border issues, large Canadian firms, and or corporations/financial institutions, etc., have U.S. counsel retained to look after the U.S. portion of the deal.
  15. erinl2

    Adcom/Admissions Updates

    Keep in mind that the waitlist is always going to be affected by how many have already accepted their offers. This late in the cycle, that is even more the case. The reason it may seem like things are moving slowly is that more applicants have probably accepted their offers. Still a few days left, historically, for perhaps a few offers to be made. Fingers crossed for all of you!