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  1. Yet another reason for thank you emails to be eliminated.
  2. Students should think twice (or more!!) before taking on that kind of debt. I cannot think of any scenario where doing that isn't extremely foolish.
  3. This thread is five years old and that member hasn't signed in for ~ a year, so you may not get a reply. Contacting law schools directly and inquiring is probably a better idea than hoping for a reply on very old threads here.
  4. These threads shouldn't be started until someone is actually waitlisted. Closing for now.
  5. Like the Accepted threads, let's try to keep the extraneous discussion and comments out of the thread, please. Thanks.
  6. Doing the readings and making my own outlines didn't prevent me from doing anything. I participated in 3 law-related ECs, played on the law school soccer team, had lots of time for my significant other, friends and my dog, did regular workouts, continued to volunteer in a literacy program that I had done throughout undergrad, and likely lots more that I'm forgetting all these years later. The outline prepping was part of my study plan and it worked well. As I said, who knows how well it would work for others but I want to dispel the notion that it would be all-consuming for all students to make their own.
  7. I have been asked to post this, confirming the following information re: McCarthy's - McCarthy's has just announced retention bonuses (although it was not specifically characterized as that, but that's what it is). 10% in May and 10% in November to all associates and income partners.
  8. The thing is, what works for someone doesn't necessarily mean that it will work for you. What worked for me, worked for me. Everyone has their own idea about how to approach law school and get 'top' grades. The reality is that not everyone is going to succeed at that. I did all the readings, never joined a study group, made my own outlines and it worked. I graduated with honours. Would my outcome have been the same if I had done things differently? Who knows. Would it work for you? Who knows. Find what works for you, don't look for shortcuts, be willing to adjust if it doesn't work, and, most of all, don't expect that you're going to end up at the top of your class. There really is no guaranteed magical plan.
  9. That's a wrap. You folks should really make at least an attempt to behave like adults. The rankings/prestige argument is entertaining, to a point, and that point was reached for most here, years ago. It's not entertaining anymore, even when one of those involved hasn't even applied to law school, and yet, believes that they know the answer to this age old discussion. Okay, maybe a little entertaining, but my 3 year old is more entertaining this morning, so this back and forth is finished. Go out and enjoy your weekend!
  10. That's likely an exaggeration. Now, if his family eats at 5:00, that may be true but that's unlikely. Also, he's 57 so his kids, if even still at home, are probably fine with eating dinner at 7 or 7:30.
  11. The market isn't terrible. Every lawyer I know is busier than they've ever been.
  12. I imagine that as soon as there are people waitlisted or rejected, they will start the thread, just like it happens in every cycle, at every school.
  13. That is exactly what you did and why both accounts have been banned. Now, this thread is going to take a break. If someone has a new Rejected post to enter here, send me a PM. Thanks.
  14. Okay, folks, let's take a step back. I think it's been made clear to the new member that we will not tolerate that type of comment here. I'm not going to delete them now because I think that one has to own comments made, particularly after they have been warned by a mod about the first one. So, let's move on. @chamgod has been dealt with this morning. Thanks. Some of you apparently didn't see my request to move on. Several posts have been deleted. Seriously, people, enough.
  15. Yes, it will "go away". You will still be considered for schools where you have not yet received a decision but any decisions other than the one you provisionally accepted are now gone.
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