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  1. In previous years, yes, some who are In Queue are eventually rejected.
  2. This is usually done by the student government/other groups at the law schools.
  3. It isn't clear but are you saying you have three years of university courses after your time in college? As long as you have the required number of university credits to apply, it won't matter if you were part-time. If you only have one year at a full-course load, law schools may include more than two years in a L2 or B2 calculation. You'd have to inquire directly at the schools that interest you. As for taking a masters, no Ontario school will include those grades in their gpa assessment. Only two or three law schools in Canada will include them.
  4. Yes, I'm aware of the grading scale. I've interviewed dozens and dozens of U of O students. It was more a rhetorical question.
  5. Your grades are fine for OCIs, other than that D+ (why does a school even give out a D+?) You'll likely get interviews but be prepared to be asked about that course. Just curious, what is the timing for OCIs this year? It used to be that Toronto's were far earlier than Ottawa's.
  6. You'll have the coming semester grades before OCIs, so you don't have to make this decision for a while.
  7. @Birdlawspecialist Welcome to the forum. As someone new, I will suggest that in the future, a search for a similar topic, or even just a scrolling down the page, will likely provide you with an answer you require and ease your concerns. Updated OLSAS GPA - General Discussion - Lawstudents.ca
  8. OLSAS - Important Dates | Ontario Universities' Application Centre (ouac.on.ca)
  9. It's unlikely that a school would extend the LSAT testing date requirement. I've been here on the forum for many years and have never heard of this happening. Applicants are able to write the LSAT multiple times within a five year period prior to applying, so there is ample opportunity to do so. I have heard of the application deadline being extended in certain circumstances but not the LSAT test date. You can inquire but it would be surprising if they agreed, especially given the increased number of applicants this year. As for transfers, I wouldn't advise someone to ever accept a school with the intention/plan of transferring before they even arrive. Transfer admission is never guaranteed and you never know, year to year, how many spots will become available or how you will perform in 1L. My advice would be to accept an offer from either Queen's or Western, should you receive one, and plan to be there for three years.
  10. There is so much that is unknown. It's probably best to expect to be online, which in my opinion is likely in September, and then if, by chance, things go better than expected, you will be pleasantly surprised. Always keep in mind that schools will likely have to make these decisions well ahead of the start dates for the next school year.
  11. It's mid-January. The process goes on til the end of summer. Patience!
  12. Don't worry about it! Now, if you'd done something like spelled the word anyway with an s, or made a statement that something was based off of, rather than based on, well, then, you'd be in trouble!
  13. Windsor, Western. Osgoode, Queen's and UNB have all sent offers out this week.
  14. The bigger disadvantage than necessary time is likely to be living in a dorm with undergrads. I can't imagine doing that in law school. I had a few friends who were RAs in undergrad. All of them said, in retrospect, that they would never do it again.
  15. Only one account, people! - General Discussion - Lawstudents.ca
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