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  1. Please keep the extraneous discussion to a new thread or to PM. Several posts have been deleted.
  2. That's assuming that there would be no issues, ever, with the GO train or subway, and that assumption would be a faulty one. I can't imagine commuting that far every day for 1L. Or any other year, for that matter. Having 2+ hours a day spent commuting rather than socializing with classmates, (which doesn't have to involve drinking), participating in ECs, intramurals, attending law school events, doing readings, etc., would be a waste of time, in my opinion. It would also be exhausting. @adamsteth The GO train alone is more than an hour to Union Station. Then you have to navigate the station to get to the subway and up to campus. This is going to be more than an hour commute and that's if there are no delays. Look into the cost of commuting and weigh that against the cost of finding a room in the city closer to campus, also considering the potential hassle and issues with a commute everyday.
  3. I was responding to George's post, and I don't disagree with you, although it's always best not to slack.
  4. Someone dropping from a 3.97 to a C average is not necessarily going to be okay. That is going to be looked at as a bad sign by many employers. Students may have to provide an undergrad transcript on several different occasions in law school, and usually those instances are very competitive situations. Keep that in mind before deciding to slack off.
  5. Yes, folks, if you're posting in an Accepted thread, please include brief info such as gpa, LSAT score, how you were notified. Just saying you have been accepted isn't helpful! Thank you!
  6. There is none. I don't know why people think that there is.
  7. Please follow the suggestion in the banner at the top of the page. Any further extraneous posts will be deleted. Thanks.
  8. I didn't go to U of O but I can tell you that students at many schools complain about the facilities, including U of T when I was there. I don't think that's anything unique to Ottawa. I know lots and lots of U of O grads and I don't see that they complain any more than any other school's students. As for specializations, I've never seen that they are very beneficial to anyone. When you're being interviewed, we can see from your transcript the courses you took and if you had a particular focus area in your course selection. It doesn't need to be a specialization as the schools describe them. Getting to take the courses you want is always going to be an imperfect experience. I don't know of any school that offers every single course in every year. I know that I had to make some changes to my plan when I was in law school because of changes to the offerings. One thing that may be more likely to cause that now is that more schools have a greater number of required courses after 1L than they did when I was in law school. I think it varies school to school as to which courses are required to be taken by all but that may be one thing you might want to explore at the schools on your list.
  9. @TheScientist101 will be able to answer your questions about IP and Ottawa. He is a U of O grad currently working in IP and has generously shared his experience here on the forum. Vancouver is a beautiful city and I can see the appeal of a milder climate. Since you're used to Winnipeg winters, you won't have a problem with Ottawa. I came here years ago with the intention of doing my clerkship and returning to Toronto. Still here and practicing 7+ years later. It's a nice sized city with virtually all the amenities of a larger city without some of the negatives. I know dozens of U of O grads who decided to stay in Ottawa because of the job opportunities, even a few from MB! I rarely use Ottawa transit but when I do, it's just to bus home on a crappy day and have never had any problem. We walk to work year round. Lots of people bike and there are some great bike paths all over the city. There are several discussions on housing in the U of O forum. You might want to check there. I wouldn't recommend residence at any law school, personally, unless it is strictly for law/grad students. You don't want to be living with undergrads. I guess if you have an idea of where you'd like to eventually live and practice, that may influence your decision. Thinking long-term, which I know is difficult at this point, someday if you have a family and want to purchase a home, Ottawa would win that comparison by a long shot. Good luck with your decision and if I can answer any other Ottawa-related questions, feel free to PM me.
  10. Yes, I believe OLSAS only requires transcripts for completed fall classes for the Feb. date. Final transcripts have to be submitted at a later date for the full year. OLSAS has a list of important dates and it's probably a good idea to bookmark them so you don't miss anything!
  11. You have to send fall grades to OLSAS by February 1. They will forward them on to the schools. If a decision hasn't been made by then, they will be used in the assessment.
  12. I don't think it's 'fairly normal' to take a vacation before writing the bar exams. I don't know anyone who did that. When the materials come out, you typically have ~6 weeks, which for most people is spent studying pretty much full-time. When I wrote, I was a part of a group of classmates who shared the indexing work. Doing that, reading `2000 pages of dense materials, and becoming familiar with my index, didn't leave any time for a vacation!
  13. https://www.osgoode.yorku.ca/programs/juris-doctor/financial-services/fund-law-school/scholarships-awards-prizes/entrance-scholarships-awards/
  14. erinl2


    Since this is the first admission cycle for Ryerson, I don't know how anyone would be able to answer that question. Patience.
  15. Please do not start an Accepted thread until someone is actually accepted! Thank you! I'm sure that if someone here had received an offer, they would post about it.
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