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  1. Law schools always set the schedule for 1L. @MaryCherry If, indeed, you are a grown up, please act like one and refrain from calling people names here. Our rules are few but one of the few is don't be a jerk. Dial it back if you plan to continue participating here. Thanks.
  2. It won't look weird. Agree with @wakawaka that no one is likely to notice and if they do notice, they won't care. It's the smart thing to do, rather than drink too much and make a fool of yourself like some students do.
  3. @SpaceLawyer Like I said, it's better to wait until the cycle is over. I know of two individuals who were told to call back in the first week of September to set up an appointment.
  4. Orientation started today so it's unlikely.
  5. Check with the schools you're interested in. It may differ school to school. If you wait until the latest accepted date, and then you score poorly, you've wasted all those application fees as well as the time and effort of applying. Ideally, you want a valid score prior to applying so you know where you are a competitive candidate.
  6. Do it when the cycle is over. Make an appointment. Speak to someone face to face.
  7. This advice by @capitalttruth is important. If you plan on reapplying in the next cycle, you should be addressing any shortfalls in your application package prior to the deadline. Applying again with the same app details is likely to bring the same disappointing result.
  8. Closing this thread. You have already been given answers to your chances question when you posted as @lawyeredqueen. Come on, people. One account per user. It isn't that difficult to understand. It's our #1 rule.
  9. Even double the time is going to present very real challenges when you're in practice.
  10. I have edited the title of your post as it isn't helpful to those who may reply if they are not aware of actual scores.
  11. If you are granted a leave of absence, you do not need to reapply. A LOA isn't difficult to obtain if you have a good reason.
  12. @diplock has requested that this post be added. I think it's likely to be helpful.
  13. I think there has been lots of good advice here and before this thread devolves into something none of us want to see, it's a wrap. If anyone has anything further to contribute to the OP, please do it via PM.
  14. This is yet another reminder that more than one account isn't allowed here. And when you start replying to yourself, well, that's just weird.
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