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  1. I don't recall ever seeing, or hearing about, a member here having any consequences to early posts, regardless of how stupid or uninformed they may be. There are many longtime members who likely posted something foolish early on in their time here, and, of course, there are some who continue to do so! If asking a question that you now look at as stupid, I don't think that you have much to worry about, as we were all likely in the same boat at one time. Having the ability to erase everything you've posted after years of participating here and hundreds, if not thousands of posts, is just not going to happen. How would we even set parameters on how it could happen? Time here? Point in career? Perceived value as a member here? Typically, the individuals who would benefit from such a reset would be those who turn discussions into a shitshow, those who create multiple accounts and reply to themselves to bolster their arguments, and those who, generally, contribute very little that is positive to the forums. Another issue is that the deletion of hundreds of posts would disrupt the flow of discussions, information that may actually be useful to members. And doing it piecemeal would be impossible. I get that many of you have little to no idea of the time that the mods spend handling issues that present on the forums. If you think we have the time to arrange a reset, or a partial reset, to the hundreds of members here, on request, you are mistaken.
  2. Just wanted to comment that this is not going to be the experience of those in every in-house situation. As with firms, not every in-house position is going to provide the same type of experience or opportunities. The scope of work is not always limited in-house and it is not always unlimited and varied if you article at a firm. You will not always get an opportunity to experience litigation at a firm either. As for mobility after the articling year, this may be an issue for any articling student who is not hired back, regardless of what type of employer they had. To say that your ability to move to a firm is basically non-existent is just plain wrong. I know several lawyers who articled in-house, some of whom stayed on as an associate for a period of time afterwards, and who later found work within a firm. To speak in such absolutes as to say that you will not be able to move back to a firm after an in-house experience is not helpful, and it isn't accurate for all.
  3. As of now, yes, the 14 day quarantine rule is in effect for those entering Canada. However, that does not apply to those who are considered essential travel. There is not a similar rule for those entering the U.S., except in certain states which require a quarantine period of 14 days if you come from a 'hot spot'.
  4. Study is included in the essential travel rules, although I don't know what the plan is for online instruction in the dual program. One issue that students will almost certainly have is the timely ability to secure a NEXUS card.
  5. I was in a zoom event recently with a group of law students from across the country who are involved with orientation at their schools. All of them indicated that, from what they have heard from entering 1L students, as well as upper years, is that most will be on campus, regardless of the extent of on-line learning. @SamSam1995 There are lots of opportunities for social events, ECs, networking, etc. in 1L. It's when most students get involved in those things. I don't know anyone who waited until upper years.
  6. Many schools have announced that they will not grant deferrals due to Covid-19, so I wouldn't count on that.
  7. Since the friend would know by now which school they are attending (since the Ryerson acceptance would have gone firm yesterday, unless replaced with the Ottawa one), further advice, including some of the silly comments here, isn't really useful. These kinds of decisions are always going to be affected by personal circumstances, primarily. Things like alumni network, connections to Bay St, reputation, possibility of a grad becoming a SCC justice, ridiculous ideas of prestige, are really not at all primary factors that most prospective law students should be considering when deciding on a law school. And, in case anyone is still wondering, there are lots and lots of U of O grads working in the GTA.
  8. All this talk of requesting a secondment makes me wonder if this is a client or not. That isn't clear. If not, and you suggest this, then the firm will obviously know that you've been looking. It also would be unlikely to grant a secondment to a non-client.
  9. I think you may have misunderstood whatever it was you heard from OLSAS. It isn't possible to remain on an Ontario school's waitlist if you have firmly accepted an offer from another Ontario school.
  10. The provisional acceptance to the Ontario school will be a firm acceptance as of tomorrow. I don't know what the rules are for your acceptance to the school outside Ontario. Which of those two are you going to attend? It's time to make a decision! You will lose the deposit for the one you do not choose.
  11. Okay, guys/gals. Since leafyleak hasn't specified a country of preference for future practice, let's not assume, likely incorrectly, that they want it to be in the U.S. If you want to continue the debate, please take it to PM. Thanks.
  12. You may hear from Queen's today but you shouldn't be expecting to hear. The July 2 date when provisional acceptances automatically become firm acceptances will then close out any other Ontario apps.
  13. Which school did you accept provisionally, Queen's or Western? That is the offer that will go firm. I agree with Deadpool that it would be foolish to give up an opportunity to attend either of those schools and gamble on getting off the Osgoode waitlist, which is unlikely.
  14. Yes, it is true. The person who inquired has been accepted to Windsor and was asking about the Ottawa waitlist. Once his provisional acceptance to Windsor goes firm on July 2, all other outstanding decisions from Ontario schools will be gone, including waitlists. As I said, that's how it works in Ontario.
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