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  1. November 1, 2020 (11:59 pm ET) Deadline for applications to first-year English programs. Deadline for OLSAS to receive transcripts and references for first-year English applications.
  2. I never said you couldn't. You have missed the point I was attempting to make.
  3. It is rarely a good idea to do only what is absolutely required. In law school, or in life.
  4. Don't let your grades slide. You may have to provide an undergrad transcript in a few different scenarios in law school. It won't look good if it's obvious that you slacked off after receiving an offer.
  5. If there is space, just put "paused on __ due to Covid-19".
  6. November 1, 2020 (11:59 pm ET) Deadline for applications to first-year English programs. Deadline for OLSAS to receive transcripts and references for first-year English applications
  7. If the cost of, not only the LSAT but of, application fees isn't prohibitive for you, that's one thing. However, for some applicants, this is a significant expense. Going from ~44/45th percentile to the ~80th percentile in a month and a half isn't possible for everyone. It may be for you but there's no way anyone here can tell you that.
  8. I imagine Luckycharm is attempting to express that, yes, although most if not all schools accept a January score, it is always of benefit to have a valid and competitive score in hand prior to applying so that you know where you might have a reasonable chance of admission, so as not to waste time and money applying. Yes, lots of applicants will write later than what is ideal if they decide more recently to enter the fray.
  9. Some firms encourage their lawyers to do it. I know several practitioners who have done a course or two. Most will do it once, and not again. Invariably, they are disappointed with the lack of interest/attention of too many of the students in class. Some lawyers enjoy teaching so I think that's the prime motivation. It certainly isn't the $$, since many/most firms will get whatever the stipend is. @Psychometronic None of the practitioners I know have included or would include 'professor' in their firm profile.
  10. There are applicants accepted every year who did part-time studies in undergrad. This is not something to be overly concerned with, as long as you are a competitive applicant.
  11. Keep in mind that the graduate courses will not be included in the gpa assessment. Only a few law schools will include them, and no ON schools will. A graduate degree is only a soft factor.
  12. The OP specified getting a 2L position for the 1L summer. This isn't going to happen. The 2L recruit is for students who will have finished 2L by the time the summer position begins. 1L students are not eligible to apply for those positions.
  13. Check with the schools you're interested in. Not many use a B2 assessment. My guess is that it is best two years not best 60 credits found in any year. As to the number of credits necessary to be included in a B2, again, check with the B2 schools on your list.
  14. Some schools have, in recent years, begun to accept degrees from colleges. You might be interested in reading this discussion:
  15. This thread is five years old and the OP hasn't signed into the forum for three.
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