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  1. I have replied to PMs about this and, as someone who has lived and worked in Ottawa, for 8+ years, I would strongly recommend against living in Gatineau if you are going to be attending U of O.
  2. The 'other' category applies to other Canadian law schools, as well as any hired from foreign schools. My guess is the number from schools other than the other Canadian schools, and those from the U.S., is going to be infinitesimally small. Keep in mind that it's a minority of Canadian law students who get those jobs, to start.
  3. That isn't necessarily the case if you consider hiring in places other than Toronto.
  4. April 1 is the provisional acceptance date regardless of when the offer was made.
  5. To clarify, for others who may be reading this. If you have more than one offer of admission, you can decide to provisionally accept only one. Any other offers that you have received will then be canceled. You can then wait for other offers from schools who have not yet replied, up until whatever the firm acceptance date is - usually late June/early July. A firm acceptance will then cancel any outstanding waitlists, unless something has changed in this cycle, as far as I know from previous cycles. Confirm with OLSAS.
  6. That's somewhat of an overstatement as there are all types of employers across the country and not all are going to be moving in lockstep, even if a small percentage of employers will. Best to be in touch with your employer directly. I get that students are anxious. Hang in there.
  7. Trust me, I'm aware that decisions haven't been made. I'm a lawyer, remember? We have been communicating with our students to keep them informed of where we are in the process of making this type of decision. Although it's natural to ask here, I just wondered why anyone thinks that they're going to find answers here that they can't get from their own future employers.
  8. Is there a reason that none of you seem to be addressing this question to the firm that hired you?
  9. My post was in reply to a comment by jatthopefullawyer about fairness. This thread is not going to devolve into a discussion about that. The reality is that no one here knows exactly how Ryerson is assessing apps, the order or process they are using, No school is assessing apps 'all at once'. The assessment has been going on since late November/early December. It may be slower now given what's going on in the world but none of us know that. Speculation isn't really helpful to anyone.
  10. Saying that they are still reviewing applications doesn't mean that they haven't looked at them once already. Let's not turn this into a discussion of Ryerson's fairness in assessment. I don't know of any Canadian law school who has completed their assessment, so that means that there is still a process of review occurring.
  11. This isn't the place for this discussion. Please start a new thread or take it to PM.
  12. Reopening this discussion. Let's try to keep it rational and mature. Any repeat of the earlier craziness will result in an extended time-out for the offending members. Thanks to everyone for trying to minimize the amount of moderation that is needed right now.
  13. This discussion is taking a time-out. Do not start another thread on the same topic. This has required too much of the mod team's time and, for god's sake, people, we have other far more important things to do than to referee immature law students. Go read a book, watch season 3 of Ozark on Netflix, take a social-distancing walk, bake a cake, call your mom but, please, for all that's good and holy, grow up! For you prospective and current law students, please keep in mind that you are interacting here with possible future classmates, colleagues and employers. And don't forget to wash your hands!
  14. I think that it's doubtful. Ontario schools all use the OLSAS system and the deadlines are uniform for all schools in the province. April 1 is the provisional date but nothing goes firm until early July. I can't see them making an exception for one applicant.
  15. Are events like this still on? If so, I'm very surprised that anyone would attend.
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