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  1. So ridiculous. (Not your comment but the fact that they are considering that, or even worse, think it's necessary.)
  2. Let's try to keep this thread helpful and be mindful of peoples' frustration at the process. Thank you. Also, a reminder that only one account is allowed here.
  3. It's not unusual, at all, for decisions to be coming in now, and continuing, to some extent, through the summer months.
  4. For those preparing to apply in a future cycle, I don't know anyone who would recommend doing this. Ideally, having a valid LSAT score and calculating your gpa info for each school's method of assessment, you will have a very good idea of where you will be a competitive applicant and where you won't. Applying everywhere is going to be a huge waste of time and money. You should have some idea of where you want to practice and it's wise to keep that in mind when you are compiling your list of schools. If your stats are good enough to get into the schools that are the most competitive, and where you'd prefer to attend, there is no reason to apply to the schools spread across the country that are not as competitive in admission. If your stats are not good enough to get into the most competitive schools, then there is no reason to waste your app fees, and your time, in applying to those. Target the schools where you have a reasonable chance and where you eventually want to practice. Doing some research will always be beneficial as admission stats are readily available, both on schools' websites and also here on the forum in the Admitted threads.
  5. Although being bilingual may provide you with more options, it isn't necessary to get a job in Ottawa. Most lawyers in Ottawa are not bilingual and I don't know of any employer who hires only those who have French language skills.
  6. Official numbers of applicants are typically released once the cycle is complete. Keep in mind that the number of applicants doesn't necessarily reflect that the cycle is more, or less, competitive.
  7. Why wouldn't they? To think that employers aren't going to interview/hire Ryerson grads just because it's the first graduating class is silly. Now, if you're referring to the need not to article, then that's a different question but you haven't made that clear. My guess, and that simply is what all of us are doing with anything Ryerson-related at this point, is that many employers will require grads to be in the articling cohort. Employers will no doubt participate in organized recruitment in the 2L year and students will be hired, just like they are from other schools. How many is anyone's guess but I don't understand why you would think that this is unlikely to happen.
  8. Yeah, this is so unlikely to happen that it isn't worth pursuing. How would you even know if this particular partner was involved on the hiring committee? The people who actually interview you in the recruitment process are the ones you have to impress.
  9. As was mentioned above, what do you think being in touch with the partner is going to do for you that being in touch with an associate will not? If you think it's going to provide you with some sort of advantage in recruitment, it will not. Questions about practice areas can be answered by an associate. I would not recommend contacting a partner.
  10. You should speak to your school's clerkship committee, which you clearly are already familiar with since you have already secured a FC clerkship. I don't see anything in your post that should discourage you from applying.
  11. A couple of thoughts. Well, more than a couple, I suppose. I don't think you know how the organized recruitment works if you think that it could happen on someone's lunch hour and then have them walk back to work. Doesn't Osgoode still hold their OCIs downtown? They did back in my day but perhaps things have changed. Why would you think that firms would skip over Ryerson during the recruitment process? No. There is much that is wrong with this statement. All this speculation is rather silly, I have to say, especially when it turns into definitive claims by individuals who have yet to even begin law school. Come on, people.
  12. Please take extraneous discussion to a new post. These threads are for Accepted notices only, as outlined in the banner above. Several posts have been deleted. Thank you.
  13. A word of advice to those planning to join NEXUS. Do it now! The wait for preapproval is ~ one month and then you have to schedule your interview appointment once preapproved. Waits for interviews can be even longer than that. If you haven't started the process by now, chances are good that you will not have your card before school starts.
  14. If you'll be articling in the same city, it won't be a problem. And, of course, it's both their day! I agree with Hegdis. Hire a planner. Find one who comes recommended by people you know and who has various options for the level of involvement. You can decide on having them from the beginning and helping with venue viewing and choice, through all decision-making, and up to and including the day of, or just assistance on the day of which truly is invaluable. They will deal with making sure all vendors have arrived in a timely manner and are doing what they're supposed to do. They check catering options, and special meals for those who need them. They make sure the music is ready, that the guests have water or fans if it's an outdoor wedding and it's a warm day, that the signature cocktails are ready for a toast, really everything that needs to be overseen on the day, including getting everything packed up at the end of the afternoon/evening when you are leaving the venue. Oh, and they can also provide transportation home for those who need it. The advice, cost savings, and assistance on the day of the wedding are all worth every penny you'll pay. It doesn't matter whether you're having an intimate gathering or a large affair with everyone your family ever met, having the assistance of a professional will ease the stress and make your day special. And it won't cost you 'thousands of dollars'. Congratulations!
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