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  1. Try for a lunch, perhaps? If you turn down a dinner and the opportunity to meet more members of the firm, while many others have accepted that dinner, then your chances are likely going to be affected negatively. I don't think that should be a surprise to anyone.
  2. erinl2

    Early Admission Question

    That's how Early Decision works. It has nothing to do with the quality of the school. It's a commitment to attend if accepted. If you're not willing to do this, then you shouldn't apply E.D.
  3. erinl2

    Transcript Question

    @diplosun ^^ The information on final transcripts is not what the OP was asking about. Transcripts are due on November 1 at OLSAS for apps to Ontario law schools. A few days late probably isn't a big issue but the due date is November 1.
  4. erinl2

    Thoughts about working at Davies?

    Haha. Nice walk-back, BQ.
  5. erinl2

    Thoughts about working at Davies?

    Well, I guess the Davies partners who okayed the ads run several years ago using the Slavies moniker must have been privileged and tone deaf.
  6. Not all small firms make it difficult to take vacation time. I'm at a small boutique firm and have taken my four weeks vacation every year since I started. Same with my colleagues at the firm. Working for a year or two, or three, let alone five years, with no time off is crazy, and should be addressed with your mentor at the firm. A firm that is run well, will know that this is happening, and won't allow it. If you're having difficulty meeting your target if you take time off, then that is also something that should be addressed.
  7. Yes and yes. Partners, too.
  8. Gee, I didn't realize that 2Ls have already written the bar exams. ;) Most people write the bar exams six weeks after finishing 3L, and prior to starting their articling. Ontario used to have a system where you took classes then wrote exams. The problem was that lots of students didn't attend class and it was a huge waste of time and $$ so they did away with it and now it's just the two exams in June and then you article for 10 months, most starting in August. I don't recall taking any vacation during my clerkship year, although we certainly got time off over the holidays and that allowed for getting together with family, since most clerks are not from Ottawa. The fact that most articling positions start in August and go through the following spring, there is ample time for vacation prior to starting and certainly afterwards, prior to starting as an associate. There's nothing wrong with taking vacation time but it should be discussed when you begin articling, with your mentor.
  9. erinl2

    Why you shouldn't go to U of T Law

    Again, that has always been the case. When 50% of its grads end up at OCI-type employers, that is a larger number than any other school's. Why are current students so surprised by this? Has U of T reduced its need-based aid? For people with real financial need, U of T used to be tops at providing funds to make attending worth it. Is that no longer the case? I am not unsympathetic to the financial straits of some law grads but, come on, people. The information is available out there. It shouldn't take until 2L or 3L for a student to realize that the financial decision is likely a poor one. It's not as if there are not less expensive, good alternatives for students who are competitive applicants to U of T.
  10. erinl2

    Why you shouldn't go to U of T Law

    The cost of U of T shouldn't be a surprise to anyone who has done even a modicum of research. It was, by far, the most expensive law school when I attended, and I'm now in my 7th year of practice.
  11. erinl2

    Courseload importance?

    U of T used to specifically state that they wanted to see a full course load, i.e., five courses per semester. They apparently don't specify that any longer, although, it will always be a positive to have five per semester. One semester with fewer than five is unlikely to be an issue. Keep in mind, though, that U of T does not include summer course work in their gpa assessment.
  12. erinl2

    Natural Disaster/Accommodation

    Check with LSAC but it's doubtful. The tornados were on September 22 and even if you lost power for four days, it's been back on for weeks now. Most of the city didn't lose power at all. So I think it's unlikely that LSAC, which is notorious for being inflexible, will allow your request.
  13. erinl2

    LSAT and Admissions

    Getting in with a 146 is surprising. Having several friends do so is even more surprising.
  14. Not true. Many corporate lawyers do both M&A as well as securities.
  15. erinl2

    LSAT and Admissions

    Check with the schools on your list. I would guess that all schools will accept a January score but you should confirm. Have you improved on your practice tests? If not, then you may want to consider waiting until the next cycle. A 150 isn't going to get you in anywhere.