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  1. As was mentioned above, U of T has done this for several years. What they include in the 1/3 for the PS is also assessing how previous students from a particular undergrad and major have done at U of T law, in addition to the actual PS. It appears that UBC is moving away from a numbers based index type of assessment to a more broad method, one that would be more similar to that of most other law schools.
  2. It would not be at all unusual for a firm who will hire one or two students to interview 10 for each position.
  3. Perhaps you're not at an Ontario school? I don't know what the deadline is for the schools in other provinces but in Ontario, OLSAS doesn't forward the apps to the schools until after the deadline date so it doesn't matter if you apply early or on the last possible day.
  4. You should be planning to rewrite the LSAT. A 153 isn't a competitive score for most schools/applicants. You can learn to be a lawyer who practices criminal law at any Canadian law school, so don't necessarily limit your options.
  5. The short answer is no. No LOR is going to offset a 2.7 gpa, regardless of who writes it. Without further information, it's difficult to suggest what your possible options might be.
  6. I don't know about the loan program but someone posted here within the past year that the highest entrance scholarship is still $10,000/yr which is what it was when I was offered it years ago. I've been practicing for 7+ years!
  7. I'm curious why prospective law students are interested in determining who will be teaching. Are you researching the faculty at every school you're applying to or just Ryerson? What is it that you're hoping to glean?
  8. Yes. This 100%. Forget thank you notes. All they do is create an abundance of extra work for those of us doing the interviewing/hiring in a month where we are already totally consumed with the process. A thank you note is never going to influence a hiring decision one way or the other. Stop sending them.
  9. Why not just talk to the articling student who is still there and ask what types of work they've done in the past 10 months? I would guess that what CoffeeandLaw has posted is what is happening.
  10. Well, won't your transcript show the courses that you took to make up for those?
  11. If it's one of the big 5 banks, yes, they typically hire an articling student or two, in Toronto. Their recruitment typically will happen in late winter/early spring. They do not participate in organized recruiting. Your manager will have nothing to do with hiring in legal. Be in touch with legal directly.
  12. LSAT scores have never had to be in by November 1st, so it's not the same concept at all. There have always been tests dates after the deadline that have been accepted.
  13. From the OLSAS website: Important dates-
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