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  1. To anyone who has previously ended up with a C or C+ final grade, what did you do on the exam to warrant this mark? Thanks!
  2. To clarify, the potential (likely) C is the final mark for a half year course, not just a midterm mark for a full year course!
  3. I'm currently in 1L at Queens and I'm pretty sure I got a C or C+ in one of my courses (totally bombed the exam). How would I look for the 2L Toronto summer recruit if, for the rest of my courses, I got 1 or 2 A/A-s and several B/B+s? Thanks!
  4. I think it might've been. I just messed up on every part of IRAC lol
  5. LOL this did make me feel better, but I think I may have wrote complete gibberish!!
  6. I'm currently in 1L and I'm just trying to get a feel for what constitutes an F on a typical fact pattern IRAC midterm/final. What would constitute a C or a D? Also, in 1L, what marks did you end up getting on your midterms when you thought you did trash? Does anyone have any success stories of bombing 1L midterms and doing very well on finals? Please share your experiences and tips! Thanks.
  7. I am currently a 1L who wants to go into corporate law. I was just wondering what I should be doing this summer and when do I need to start applying for positions? I think my school has had some 1L online networking sessions with corporate law firms, but I haven't attended any of them and feel completely lost in regard to the 1L summer job process. I understand I won't get a job at a big firm or anything, so where should I be looking and what do I need to be doing? Any guidance is appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  8. this is so simple, but actually such good advice!
  9. That's good to know. If you know how it works, do you mind explaining the process of submitting grades to me? So profs submit the exam mark and it goes to the admin office who then posts the mark on our student centre or whatever? Also, one of my classes actually only has around 25 students in it and the prof seems very involved with trying to help out people who need it.
  10. So if my exam is not exceptional and I don't ask for feedback on it, profs won't be able to tell which exam is mine?
  11. Both. I used my schools outline bank and my school also matched me with an upper year tutor who was top of her class last year.
  12. I know anonymous marking makes it so that the prof doesn't know whose exam they are reading while marking, but do profs find out whose exam it was after the mark is submitted?
  13. Thank you for this answer! I have been going through some mental health problems this semester and fell really behind as a result. I totally understand that I need to make use of this education as I'm not gonna get another chance to do so and right now is a really important time to learn the fundamentals. I do plan on doing most of the readings in the upcoming semester, or at least skimming them, as my April exams will be worth much more than the December exams.
  14. 1L here. Haven’t done a single reading this entire semester but I have read upper year’s briefs, and my profs do a pretty good job of explaining the rules and analysis of each case. So I’m just wondering, is it possible to get a good mark on exams without doing any of the readings and just going off briefs and class? I feel like I have a good understanding of the rules of each case and how they would apply to a fact scenario.
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