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  1. Question for current students, but does having a line of credit affect the amount of bursaries available? I know that you have to apply for a line of credit to even apply for a bursary, but if you are approved for one, does that lower the amount of bursaries available (even if you aren't really going to use the line of credit)?
  2. Just received the email. LSAT: 171 OLSAS GPA: 3.78 At this point, probably will not be keeping it.
  3. cGPA 3.78 LSAT 171 (took it twice, 166 the first time) I know my stats are pretty good but I don't have a lot of ECs and my PS I suppose was not that good, which is probably why I haven't heard back from UofT yet. Did write the essay tho.
  4. Fingers crossed that this is the case, and I'm not quite sure, but I assume that since they only accept around 200 and i think about half of them went out during round 1, there'll be less this round
  5. Same! It seems that they started a lot later than they did with round 1, so I'm wondering if there will be less offers in this round 😨
  6. Hi, I saw a previous answer about college grades, but just wanted to confirm. I am currently taking some college courses for general interest. I am not using them for transfer credits or anything, but since OLSAS requires a transcript from all post-secondary institutions, I obviously submitted it as well. Just wondering if any of the law schools would actually look at it since I don't believe the grades are counted towards any of my GPA calculations on OLSAS. Just concerned because I am mostly just chilling through my college courses and not caring too much about marks.
  7. Wow, surprised that we heard back so early! Accepted! cGPA: 3.77 (per OLSAS) LSAT: 171 ECs: Some volunteer work, but mostly nothing, so like below average Standard LORs: asked some profs whose class I did well in but had no real connection with Pretty sure my PS and marks pulled me through lol
  8. Just got my email right now! Accepted cGPA: 3.77 LSAT: 171
  9. Accepted!! Woke up to a lovely email! A huge relief tbh cGPA: 3.77 (per OLSAS) L2: 3.78 B3: 3.8 LSAT: 171 Went into queue on Nov 24!
  10. Saw that I got an email today! Accepted! cGPA: 3.77 (per OLSAS) L2: 3.78 B3: 3.8 LSAT: 171
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