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  1. Hello, I actually asked a similar question earlier and a few helpful people answered it for me. I linked my thread below. I believe that you should be fine given that all your required documents are submitted and say "received" Hope this helps!
  2. I hope there is another round. However, according to this thread I attached and the "Accepted 2020" thread, there were only two early acceptance rounds in 2020 (January 29, 2020 + February 18, 2020) and then it went straight to waitlist for index applicants. As Robson Hall already had the two early acceptance rounds this year (February 3, 2021 + February 16, 2021), I am assuming that the rest of the index applicants will now be moved to the waitlist. Nonetheless, this is just my assumption and it is dependant on if they will follow the same process as last year.
  3. I'm at a 76.7 and have not been accepted yet. According to the thread I attached, the index score cutoff for early offers was 77.462 this year. So I believe everybody under that will be placed on the waitlist according to their index scores (unless there are any more admission rounds remaining). I believe this cutoff is higher than previous years (most likely due to this being a competitive cycle). Hopefully we all hear good news soon.
  4. Hi all, As the second round for index applicants happened this morning, I'm wondering if there are any more rounds/acceptances for index applicants upcoming, or if the remaining index applicants will be moved to the waitlist. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi all, I see a few people mention that they check the status of their Dual JD application through the Detroit Mercy Portal. I am wondering how you check the Detroit Mercy portal. I submitted my application to the Dual JD about a week ago and so far I have only received application acknowledgement from uWindsor (I got the credentials to access the uWinsite portal but no mention of how to access the Detroit Mercy portal). In other words, I am wondering how and when I will be able to access the Detroit Mercy portal and if I am missing any step of some sort to access this portal. Thank you in advance.
  6. Thanks for sharing! Best of luck with your application!
  7. Sounds good, thank you! Best of luck with your application!
  8. Thank you for letting me know! Congratulations on your acceptance! Wish you all the best.
  9. Hi all, I submitted an application to UNB a while ago. I'm applying in the Regular Category so I am not submitting the Special Circumstances Document nor any Reference Letters. When I check my application status, my required documents (Resume, Personal Statement, and Transcripts) say Received. However, my optional documents (Special Circumstances Document and Reference Letters) say Outstanding. I was just wondering if there is anything I have to do or submit to indicate that I will not be uploading the optional documents. This is because I do not want them to wait for the optional documents to begin assessing my file as I do not intend to upload the optional documents. Alternatively, has anybody that has been accepted (without uploading the optional documents) had to do anything to indicate that they were not going to upload the optional documents. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi, Is anybody else (specifically those who only wrote the November LSAT) still waiting for their November LSAT score to show up on OLSAS? I only wrote the November LSAT and it still says "No Information Available" in the LSAT section of Document Tracking. Starting to get a little worried, just wondering if anybody else is waiting as well. Thanks!
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