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  1. Thank you so much. This is such a thorough and easy to understand response.
  2. Can someone explain this to me like I’m 5? How does the course schedule work for fall term and winter term? Are there certain courses that carry over from fall to winter? Why does the school year have 7 courses and why are they colour coded as section a01, a02 and a03? Any input is appreciated!
  3. Hey there! Can anyone post a winter L1 schedule? I’m wondering how it would look to travel to and from home frequently as opposed to moving to Winnipeg.
  4. I didn’t apply to the Individual Consideration category, I applied to Canadian Indigenous and typically these offers are made last.. so I was wondering if the Individual Consideration category applicants had any offers yet.
  5. I’ve only applied to U of M too, are you an MB resident?
  6. I was tempted to send an email today to ask the same thing. It’s likely more challenging and time consuming to review hundreds of applications when the admin/reviewers have to work from home.
  7. Did anyone apply to University of Manitoba? As an MB resident, I have family ties in Winnipeg and cannot picture myself being successful living too far from home. Anyway, it looks as though the indigenous category for Robson Hall has made offers around early March in previous years. I have a strong feeling I will be waitlisted (maybe high on the wait list haha) but still.
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