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  1. Accepted today! 😃 cGPA: 3.78 B2: 3.85 LSAT: 166
  2. Just checked uOzone and saw that I was admitted! cGPA: 3.78 LSAT: 166 uOttawa undergrad, lots of ECs. Unsure if I'll be accepting (was my first choice for a long time, but after getting some other acceptances beforehand I'm not sure if this is my best choice).
  3. The decision date for McGill is April 1st as well, so I suppose the same rules apply. I'll sit on it for a bit and keep my fingers crossed for uOttawa. Thanks for the info!
  4. Hi! Basically what the title says, I've been accepted to 4/6 of the law schools I applied to (McGill, UofT, Osgoode, Windsor) but not the one I originally wanted to attend (uOttawa). I'm waiting to hear back, but since my other offers expire on April 1st I'm wondering if I should at least provisionally accept one (likely McGill). Are there any downsides/upsides to provisionally accepting an offer? Any advice on when I should give up on waiting and focus on where I've gotten in?
  5. Welcome Day is happening on Wednesday the 17th and Thursday the 18th. You do not have to have accepted your offer to attend Welcome Day, but it is for prospective admitted candidates. They mentioned they'll be sharing some info for those who can't attend, so that should be available after the events.
  6. I have nearly identical stats (3.79/166) and am still under evaluation - and I know a few other students who are in the same boat! It’s an awful waiting game, but I’m hopeful we’ll be hearing soon.
  7. Thank you! Can I ask how your experience has been? Do you find that profs/courses/extracurriculars are more geared towards the public sector?
  8. As the title says, I’m aiming to attend either UofT or uOttawa’s combined JD/M(G)A program and I’m looking for any insight on the two programs. I’m interested in global policy and international trade law and do not want to work for the government. Any opinions are appreciated! ETA: Also got accepted to McGill, Windsor, and Osgoode, if any of those should factor in!
  9. Just got the call! Excited beyond belief 😁 LSAT: 166 cGPA: 3.79 Wrote the optional essay, and applied general.
  10. Accepted to Dual! I was accepted to Detroit Mercy a few days ago, just got notified of my acceptance on the Windsor side. 166 LSAT/3.78 cgpa Congrats to everyone & good luck!
  11. I wrote the LSAT in June, have similar stats (166/3.78 cGPA) and am still under evaluation as well.
  12. I got the same email this morning. Looks like we'll hear back pretty soon!
  13. Hey! Just wondering if anyone has pursued the BCL/JD with major concentration in International Human Rights & Development? I'm looking for some insight into the program - what the courses are like, how narrow/broad the topics are, etc.! Thanks in advance!
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