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  1. This might have been it... I just signed it off, which was my mistake - I completely missed it. Do you think this could invalidate my application completely since it's well after the deadline?
  2. I logged into Launchpad for the first time in a couple weeks, and I noticed something that got me panicking a little. At the top of the page, it now says: "Your application will be reviewed once you submit the required items in your Application Checklist." However, before, it would say something along the lines of: "Your application is currently being reviewed [...]" All the items under Application Checklist have the checkmark next to them for me, and it even says that they have received all documents they require at this time. Does anyone else who is still waiting to hear back have the same thing displayed on their Launchpad? Or just me?
  3. This is so incredibly inspiring. Thank you for sharing your story, and best of luck in your law school journey and beyond!
  4. Conspiracy time: what if the person who started this thread is actually someone from the admissions committee, and this was how the university decided to break the news to everyone? Just think about it, this person has magically disappeared and isn't posting anymore. On top of that, this has been the only thing this person has posted in this whole website? Edit: and they joined this past Saturday
  5. The people with one LSAT score have always competed with people who have multiple takes. This change in LSAT calculation does not affect that. I see your point that these people potentially have tougher competition now that LSAT scores are no longer averaged, but these same people chose to write only one LSAT as opposed to writing it again. You can certainly argue now that these people with only one LSAT score chose to only write once because they had previously applied under the assumption that LSAT scores would be averaged, and thus, they run the risk of lowering their score for admission. This is, once again, a personal choice. I would like to reiterate that such fear comes from the fact that people are not confident enough to re-write the exam in order to get a higher score. The repercussion of the averaged LSAT certainly adds to this fear yes, but did it dissuade everyone from re-writing? Obviously not as evidenced by the people with multiple takes. It was a risk that some people took and others didn't. On top of that, we are only starting to hear of this change AFTER the last acceptable LSAT date. In my eyes, everyone was in the same playing field when making the decision to re-write or not. I understand that not everyone will agree with me on this point, but personally, while I was shocked to hear of this change, I really don't think this change is as bad as some people are making it out to be.
  6. We do know that they are using the highest LSAT score, as confirmed by Courtney's response to another individual. What we don't know, however, is how this change will affect this admission cycle. My point is being upset or being frustrated or even wanting to complain directly to the university will not change the fact that the university will be using the highest LSAT score for this admission cycle.
  7. I thought I'd offer a different perspective on things. Some people on here are complaining that had they known UofA would take the highest LSAT score this cycle, they would have done things differently. Well here are a few things to take into consideration: 1. If you have multiple LSAT scores in your record, you should actually be happy with this change. Your LSAT score for admission calculation will now be higher. 2. If you only have one score in your record, your application itself by which I mean your stats are not affected by this. 3. If you are saying that you could have taken the LSAT again had you known they would only look at the highest, here's the thing with this argument: while it may be harsh, you probably did not take it again because you were scared that you would get a lower score. If you were not confident that you would get a higher score, you should not be taking the LSAT again to begin with. The LSAT is not a joke, so this argument seems to me like an excuse that people are using to justify not taking the LSAT again. 4. While I understand that some people are scared that this admission cycle will now be more competitive, the fact of the matter is that we don't know. We can speculate and come up with theories, but as long as we do not have access to the stats and to the exact admission process, they remain as nothing but speculations and theories. You have every right to be upset and to be frustrated by this change; however, it is not going to change anything, especially not for this admission cycle, seeing as how people have been admitted using the new admission process.
  8. I actually emailed them about this, and they round up to two decimal places. Your GPA of 3.847 would then be calculated as 3.85. The one decimal place is used simply to report on the class profile. Edit: Chazz is too quick with the responses lol
  9. Congrats! If you don't mind me asking, is 3.49 your L2 or your cGPA?
  10. This question is mainly for those of you who graduated from UAlberta and are applying for 2021. If your application is complete on Launchpad, when you log in to Beartracks, do you see any application in progress? I just wonder because I remember when I applied for UAlberta in high school, I could see that my application was in progress on Beartracks, but now I see nothing. Probably no big deal, but all this wait is making me paranoid. If you're not a UofA graduate, please also let me know if you see anything on your Beartracks account (assuming you have access to it/you got access to it once you submitted your application).
  11. With the 22.5 x gpa formula, a score of 242 or above is considered to be auto-admit. With the 22 x gpa one, a score of 240 or above is considered to be auto-admit.
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